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Yet one more within the Clone Wars saga, this adventure is ready upon yet one more distant world that’s in dire need of the Republic’s assist, unaware of the sinister forces stealthily attempting to usurp control of the galaxy. Rife with The Clone Wars canon characters, mysterious Assaj Ventriss seems while Rely Dooku and Darth Sidious manipulate events from a distance. The novel, however, is just not one of the stronger of the saga. This is the journey the place Anakin proves himself as a true Jedi Knight… and he is barely within the story. The majority of the story focuses on characters native to Praesitlyn, pilot Erk H’Arman and scout Odie Subu. With the help of rogue Republic commander Zozrider Slayke and his battle-hardened crew, they make a valiant stand against the Banking Clan and Separatist forces. Whereas the characters are nicely drawn, they do undergo from “the most effective at what they do” syndrome. All the characters are usually not solely at the highest of their game, but see virtually each scenario and a manner out. For characters this effectively-skilled, it is exhausting to imagine they’d nonetheless be stationed at such a backwater locale. Sherman and Cragg do work properly together in their writing style although and create a really nice battlefield vision for the story. A lot of the Jedi time is given to Nejaa Halcyon, a lesser know Jedi who picks Anakin to go together with him on the rescue mission. Anakin does get some good character time near the top (especially in a battle deciding moment that calls back to Greg Bear’s Rogue Planet a few years back). And, with out spoiling the ending, the heroes do triumph, although all of it appears part of Darth Sidious’ total master plan. In the long run, this novel is an effective instance yoda shirt zone of a Clone Wars skirmish. It whets the appetite for the large show, Revenge of the Sith, and the end result of all these battles as well because the saga itself. He holds a level in Cinema from San Francisco State University, and has written a number of articles for various SF sites as nicely as the Star Wars Insider and the Star Trek Communicator. He spends his time working on screenplays and stories, appearing on stage and screen and giving tours at Common Studios Hollywood.