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Right who is snokes here We’ve got Twins Again

Tsarnaev accommodates the root tsar (also spelled czar, csar, or tzar) – a Russian emperor. A villain within the Batman universe, Mr. Hammer, has a tattoo which reads: “Joker The Tzar” in Russian.

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Mister Hammer and his brother Sickle had been conjoined, orphan twins who performed in a russian circus, creating a reputaton for brutality which attracted the attention of the Joker. Joker sent his cohort Harley Quinn to recruit the twins, but the circus supervisor refused, nonetheless he subsequently turned up with a Glasglow smile carved into his face, and the twins had been recruited into Joker’s gang. During a combat between the Abramovici’s and Batman, Joker had an ingenius idea to separate the brothers, and acquired the help of Dr. Thomas Elliot to carry out the surgery and minimize the twins in two. After the surgical procedure was completed, Joker favorably chose Mr. Hammer to be his “right-hand man” and left Sickle for the Penguin, who hired the twin to be apart of his gang. Ever since, the Abramovici’s operated alone in Gotham, and later Arkham City, however Sickle always had a disliking for Joker for separating him from his brother. Source.
Right here we have twins again, who is snokes as nicely because who is snokes the theme of brothers separated violently.
Also, in Batman Confidential, Batman works to prevent a massacre by a bomb-packing villain called The Tsar. Source.