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Todd Campbell Was Taking a look at Tridents From 2017-2017

Todd Campbell was looking at Tridents from 2007-2011, at his weblog. Campbell’s “By way of the Trying Glass” was on target earlier than it was insightful to be hitting the bullseye with tridents.

Etemenanki tweets that the rationale behind all the current exercise: “Neptunalia – feast day of Neptune-Poseidon, god of horses, sea, quakes, and related to Atlantis.” Neptunalia begins on July twenty third. Tridents, again, after all.

Additionally it is worthy of noting that the 2008 Mumbai assault (India’s so-referred to as “9/11”) was at various locations, certainly one of which was the assault against the Trident Lodge.
Plus, additionally, July twenty third was “Batman Day,” and guess what the fictional Wayne Enterprises uses as their brand

Now to the breaking news from Africa…
On Thursday, July 24, 2014, an Air Algerie flight with 116 people on board dropped off radar, prompting a search for the missing aircraft.

Flight 5017 lost radar contact 50 minutes after takeoff from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, early Thursday. It was speculated to arrive at Algiers’ Houari Boumediene Airport about four hours later.

The Air Algerie Flight 5017 disappearance comes precisely every week after a Malaysia Airways Flight MH17 was introduced down in Ukraine with 298 folks on board.

[Ouagadougou is the capital of Burkina Faso and the administrative, communications, cultural and financial centre of the nation. It is also the country’s largest city, with a inhabitants of 1,475,223 (as of 2006). The city’s name is commonly shortened to Ouaga. The inhabitants are called ouagalais. The spelling of the name Ouagadougou is derived from the French orthography common in former French African colonies. If English orthography have been used (as in Ghana or Nigeria), the spelling can be Green_Lantern Wagadugu.
The identify Ouagadougou dates back to the fifteenth century when the Ninsi tribes inhabited the world. They have been in fixed conflict till 1441 when Wubri, a Yonyonse hero and an vital figure in Burkina Faso’s history, led his tribe to victory. He then renamed the area from Kumbee-Tenga, as the Ninsi had known vintage wonder woman t shirt zip as it, to Wage sabre soba koumbem tenga, meaning “head war chief’s village.” Ouagadougou is a Francophone spelling of the title.]

The airplane, an MD-83, was carrying 110 passengers, two pilots and 4 crew members. The MD-83 is a part of the McDonnell Douglas MD-eighty household of twin-engine, single-aisle jets.

The airplane belongs to a non-public Spanish company, Swiftair, however it seems to have been operated by Air Algerie.

The Swiss Air brand on its facet, in fact, is a trident.
“We’ve got lost contact with the airplane,” Swiftair mentioned.
“At this moment, emergency providers and our employees are engaged on discovering out extra on this case.”
Air Algerie stated through Twitter, “Sadly, for the second we don’t have any more info than you do. We offers you the latest information dwell.”
The tweet appears since to have been deleted, based on CNN.

Initial reviews of the crash have been confirmed by Algerian aviation authorities. “I can confirm that it has crashed,” an nameless official instructed Reuters. While details of the whereabouts of the airplane remain unclear, early experiences from the CCTV network and Algerian Tv steered that it went down in Niger.

Later stories say that this Air Algerie flight with not less than 116 folks on board that dropped off radar is thought to have crashed in Mali, the flight operator said.

Air Algerie said via Twitter that the plane has apparently crashed in the Tilemsi area, about 43 miles (70 kilometers) from vintage wonder woman t shirt zip the southeastern city of Gao (which had the historical title of Kawkaw or Kuku).

There are reports that many French citizens might have been on board 5017.
Air Algerie is Algeria’s nationwide airline, with flights to 28 nations.

The deadliest incident within the airline’s historical past occurred in March 2003 when a home flight crashed after takeoff, killing 102 folks on board. One particular person survived.