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Superman/Shazam: The Return Of Black Adam (DVD, 2017)

A short of shorts for you, Shorty!

So the title animation for this straight to DVD launch from Warner Home Animation is the re-envisioning of the Captain Marvel origin- that’s Shazam to you folks out there who haven’t studied. Yep, the guy in the purple swimsuit with the lightning toddler girl batman shirt bolt that’s kinda like Superman. As standard, Bruce Timm deftly handles updating the character, altering minor components however retaining the spirit of the character true to kind, and while he was initially seen in Justice League Limitless, this gives him a pleasant origin story with clean and expressive animation and an motion-packed confrontation with his opposite quantity, Black Adam. George Newburg reprises his role from the Justice League cartoons of his finest Tim Daly impression, which provides a nice continuity to the character, and the mighty Man of Steel’s vulnerability to magic is showcased a bit, giving us e empathy for the massive S and cheer for the arrival of the big Crimson Cheese. The action is catastrophic and displayed on a grand scale, which is required for characters toddler girl batman shirt of such magnitude. While it is easy to take a look at them slamming one another by building after constructing and imagining the body rely, the alternative can be them combating in the Arizona desert, and we call that Dragonball. Except for the main function, all of the remainder of the shorts of the “DC Showcase” line have been included with their animated features as bonuses are included in this disc as properly, including Jonah Hex in a tale of murder and greed in the previous west, the Spectre in a 1970’s period piece that leaves you prepared to look at an episode of Mannix, Inexperienced Arrow in an airport shootout that manages to make him look competent and weak and gallant all at the identical time. All of the shorts are just that- quick. The character development is there and the action does not disappoint, but none of them has wherever near the 22 minute running time of the Captain Marvel featurette- though they’re marketed as having ‘added by no means before seen footage’- not that I observed, but I’ll take their word for it. And to verify you are feeling as if you got sufficient bang to your buck, Bruce Timm also chose a couple of cartoons from earlier in Warner’s animation historical past to go onto this disc in order that you can see how these characters have been dealt with earlier than. There’s a Jonah Hex highlight episode of Batman: The Animated Series the place Ras Al Ghul relates a tale of certainly one of his schemes of the previous west defeated by the then-aging bounty hunter. Flash reality- it is Elizabeth Montgomery of Bewitched fame’s last position as the barmaid who helps Hex in the story. The Spectre is featured opposite the Phantom Stranger as the 2 wager towards Batman’s soul, the Spectre hoping high win him as a device of vengeance, the Stranger hoping that he will keep on the side4 of Justice. With stuff like this on the market you come to realize just how good these shorts are, because last time4 I checked, the spirit of vengeance who acts because the agent of wrath for the divine doesn’t normally make side bets. Thus we see why most of the die-hards have complaints with the Brave and the Daring- but in case you are seven, it works. Then there’s Initiation, the primary episode of the expanded Justice League Limitless, wherein Batman recruits Green Arrow for the JLU as a result of somebody with the frequent contact must be there to keep the gods above the earth trustworthy and look out for the common man. An excellent episode that can get you hooked on the collection, and very accessible.

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