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Tom Holland Confirms Fan Idea, Says It Was Peter Parker In Iron Man 2

It’s been one in all the most popular MCU fan theories for some time now, especially since Spider-Man was brought into the fold, and now Spidey himself, Tom Holland, has confirmed it: that little kid at the Stark expo in Iron Man 2 IS Peter Parker.

The scene in the film sees a young boy in an Iron Man mask dealing with down a Hammer drone. Stark flies in, blasts it away, and flies off again with a “Good work, kid!” message.

Provided that the Expo came about in Queens, the age of the character, and the actual fact Peter could be excited about tech and Tony Stark, fans have long-held the belief it was indeed Parker. Talking to The Huffington Submit, Holland said:

Fairly official affirmation then, even if it is Holland principally granting fans’ – and his own – wishes. In a follow-up interview with io9, he elaborated:

As retcons go, it is one which does make sense. It ties Parker nearer to both the the walking dead sweatshirt 90 MCU and Tony Stark, but with out altering the previous an excessive amount of.

Also in that io9 story, Spider-Man: Homecoming director Jon Watts was asked about whether or not the Battle of latest York and its influence on Peter can be the walking dead sweatshirt 90 explored later in the series, to which he said:

Then, when asked if that might be the place Uncle Ben died, he responded: “Oh, that is fascinating.”
So don’t be too surprised if there’s a confirmation of that someway down the line too.

Do you assume this retcon is a good idea Let us know down within the feedback.

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