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Spacetime Studios Gearing Up to Release New Blackstar Cell MMO

Spacetime Studios, makers of the famed Pocket Legends cell MMORPG, has officially announced the impending release of its long-in-growth Blackstar, a story-intensive sci-fi yarn previously set to be revealed by NCsoft. The sport has survived various hiccups together with developer layoffs and a period of limbo previous to Spacetime’s acquisition of the IP, and is the flash t shirt south africa now being prepped for a Q2 2011 release on each Android and iOS units. Blackstar tells the story of a far-future conflict between a coalition of aliens (and their necro-cyborg allies) and the futuristic people of the United Colonies Defense Force.

The title features a 3D, real-time, persistent MMO world with three character classes, customizable abilities and hundreds of gadgets to gather and Men’s Cartoon Darth the flash t shirt south africa Vader Custom Long Sleeve T Shirts equip. The game is powered by the Spacetime Engine, and looks to bring cellular MMO polish and production design to a brand new stage. “We were able to nurture the IP to its maximum potential by means of years of growth — a luxurious never earlier than seen in mobile gaming. If you ever dreamed of a completely-featured sci-fi MMO you can take wherever, search for the first chapter of the Blackstar saga quickly,” says Spacetime CEO Gary Gattis.

Have a have a look at the sport’s official website for more info, and also check out some pre-production video footage after the lower.

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