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Quite Than Addressing Themselves As “I”

When Bizarro III found himself infused with radiation from a blue sun, he developed the flexibility to replicate himself as well as create other “Bizarro” lifeforms based mostly upon likenesses of people from Earth. He used this power to populate a cube-shaped planetoid dubbed Bizarro World inside the blue sun star t shirt star wars rogue one 1080p system. Certainly one of the various duplicates that he created was a Bizarro version of the Batman. Bizarro Batman, working alongside his Bizarro confederates Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and Surprise t shirt star wars rogue one 1080p Girl, sought to avoid wasting Bizarro from Bizarro Doomsday by dropping their hyperbolic headquarters on prime of him.

Unique Physiology: Bizarros possess a unique physiology, one that is widespread to all Bizarros, however enormously differentiated from baseline human biology. Their skin is mottled and gray giving the appearance of crumbled chalk or ash. Usually, their faces, arms, legs and different extremities are misshapen and disproportionate to the remainder of their body. Physically, most Bizarros are patterned to resemble a selected humanoid analog, though some may possess extra generic traits, with no real distinguishing features.

Weaknesses Edit

Bizarros are developmentally handicapped, and can’t course of thought or action that would be widespread to regular standards of human cause. Their conduct is structured in opposition to logic or frequent sense, and affects them not solely culturally, however linguistically as nicely. Nearly the whole lot spoken by a Bizarro is an antonym to his or her true intent. If a Bizarro says “I hate you”, he is actually expressing a time period of endearment. A Bizarro may show affection by giving his beloved one a bouquet of lifeless roses, or by punching her in the face. When conversing, Bizarros lack a nominative case when utilizing pronouns. They replace pronouns that ought to be nominative with their analogues within the accusative case. Rather than addressing themselves as “I”, they instead use the time period “Me”. When Bizarros greet each other, they are going to achieve this by saying “Goodbye”, reserving the phrase “Hi there” for a departing term. Bizarros solely makes use of the primary person conjugation for any verb. For instance, the verb “is” is at all times conjugated as “am”, resulting in sentences like “This am great”. Although this backwards dialect is a characteristic common to all Bizarros, it’s not at all times consistent from one Bizarro to the subsequent, and in some cases, not even consistent with the same Bizarro.

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