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Profile Of The Silver Surfer

First Appearance: Improbable 4 Vol. #48
Origin Situation: Silver Surfer Vol. 1 #1
Biographical Data

Actual identify: Norrin Radd
Different present aliases: None
Former aliases: Herald of Galactus, Sky Rider, Sentinel of the Spaceways
Twin Identity: None
Current occupation: Adventurer
Former Occupation: Scientist (When nonetheless Norrin Radd), Herald of Galactus.
Citizenship: None (Though in recent issues he has hinted that he will undertake Earth as his new home.)
Place of Birth: Zenn-La, Deneb System, Milky Manner Galaxy
Martial Status: Single (Though at one time betrothed to Shalla Bal.)
Known Relatives: Jartran Radd (Father, deceased), Elmar Radd (Mom, deceased), Fennan Radd (Half-brother)
Known Confidants: Shalla Bal
Identified Allies: Avengers, Defenders, Quasar, Beta Ray Bill, Cosmic Commandos, Improbable 4 and Galactus
Main Enemies: Galactus, Mephisto and Thanos
Traditional Base of Operations: Cell all through the Universe
Former Base of Operations: Worldship and Earth
Former Group Membership: The Defenders, The Star Masters
Extent of Schooling: Unrevealed, however highly educated on Zenn-La

Physical Description
Height: 6’four”
Weight: Unknown
Eyes: White
Hair: None
Other distinguished options: The Silver Surfer’s skin is apparently a flexible metallic silvery material.

Powers and talents
Intelligence: Gifted
Strength: Huge Superhuman Power. The Silver Surfer can augment the energy of his cosmic energy-powered body to a degree that rivals the Hulk’s formidable rage-enhanced energy. Hence, he can endow himself with Class 100 strength, enabling him to raise (press) well over 100 tons.
Flight Velocity: Warp Velocity
Stamina: Godlike
Sturdiness: Totally Indestructible
Agility: Enhanced human
Reflexes: Enhanced Human
Combating abilities: Average hand-to-hand combatant, depends wholly on cosmic Energy powers.
The Silver Surfer possesses vast cosmic energy granted him by Galactus as a part of the process of physically restructuring the Surfer’s former organic body. He has the power to channel ambient cosmic vitality into his physique at will, and expel it violently as concussive force or gently as a means to restructure molecules in accordance with his mental design. He can generate beams of vitality via his arms with sufficient destructive drive to degree a large metropolis or generate such refined amounts of energy to restructure the molecules of the natural dyes within a plant to vary its colour. The Surfer can rearrange the molecules of matter to create different configurations, but he cannot transmute elements.
The forces binding together the molecules making up the silvery material that comprises the Silver Surfer’s “pores and skin” are so great that there are few identified forces in the universe nice enough to beat them. The internal parts of his body have also been made highly resistant to damage. Thus the Surfer is invulnerable to most forms of physical harm.
He can withstand great extremes of temperature brought on by the construct-up of friction within atmospheres or the vacuum of space or (inside limits) the intense heat throughout the near neighborhood of stars. He can survive without difficulties in the vacuum of outer space and hyperspace, and his body can withstand the stresses of journey at near-mild speeds on this universe and of even better speeds, in hyperspace.

The Silver Surfer has sure sweat shirt superman femme quiz cosmic vitality enhanced perceptions which allow him through focus to change into aware of the patterns of vitality which surround him. Accordingly, he can sense great concentrations or deployment of energy anywhere on this planet. He has a particular affinity for the life energies of living beings, and might use his cosmic powers to augment them to a sure degree. While he can use his power to revitalize life energies and heal the wounded, he can’t create life or restore life to the lifeless.
The Silver Surfer does not need to eat or breathe since he absorbs life-maintaining cosmic energy direct by means of his skin. Although his physique doesn’t require sleep, his mind nonetheless does so as to offer it a possibility to dream.
By exceeding 99% of the velocity of mild (186,000 miles per second), the Surfer can shift himself into hyperspace, a dimension by which velocity isn’t limited by the pace of gentle. The Surfer also can compress his personal bodily matter so as to shift himself into a so-called microverse. He as soon as used his powers to travel by means of time, however may be unable to interact in time travel underneath regular circumstances.
Supply of Superhuman Powers:Remodeled by Galactus

Costume Specs: None
Personal Weaponry: None
Special Weaponry: None
Transportation: In flying the Silver Surfer often makes use of an object identified on Earth as his “surfboard”, resulting from it’s resemblance of Earth objects of Deathstroke that name. The Surfer’s “surfboard” is a construct of unknown materials created by the huge cosmic energies of his former grasp Galactus. The board is coated with the same silvery glaze that the Surfer’s physique is covered with, making it impervious to virtually all types of bodily damage. Few forces wanting the cosmic energy of Galactus could affect it in any respect.
The surfboard is psionically linked in an unknown way with the Surfer’s mind. Apparently only a being possessing the Surfer’s cosmic powers may cause the surfboard to fly, and it’s controlled mentally by him. The surfboard apparently taps ambient cosmic power in much the same approach that the Surfer himself does. Though the Surfer might conceivably make the sweat shirt superman femme quiz most of his cosmic energy to fly without it, the surfboard allows him to fly with out the expenditure of any of his personal power.
The Silver Surfer can utilize the surfboard to achieve ninety nine% of the pace of mild, however seldom exceeds Mach 10 (ten occasions the velocity of sound) within the outer layers of a planet’s atmosphere, and Mach 5 throughout the interior layers. (The pace of sound is about 770 miles per hour).
Design and manufacture of Paraphernalia: Galactus

Written by sweat shirt superman femme quiz Galactus3@aol.com,
up to date by Alexander Knowles
Image painted by Claudio Castellini
and offered by Marvelite

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