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Will You Love This Shazam Story

Shazam! by Geoff Johns
Style: Superhero Comics

Sequence: New fifty two Shazam!
Writer: DC Comics (October 1, 2013)

Creator Data: Website | Twitter
Length:192 pages

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
I’ve never been a Captain Marvel fan (even when I was a child back in the Funky 70s and Shazam comics have been on the identical rack as Superman), so I wasn’t hyped about this revamped New 52 model. My eleven yr outdated son, nonetheless, was excited, ordered it from the local library, devoured it superman tshirt for men when it arrived, immediately thereafter declared that it was cool, and instructed me that I should give it a attempt.

Effectively, now that I’m executed reading it, I’m glad my son gave me that advice, because I really enjoyed this Shazam. It is different although. Particularly, Billy Batson.

Now, on this story, Billy is type of a brat; he has causes for being a belligerent jerk although: residing in foster care, coping with the lose of his household. All of these events giving him a decidedly pessimistic view of life. And so when a subway riding wizard whisks him away for consideration to receive mystic powers, it appeared bizarre that this child may ever become the do-gooder Shazam, but he does for varied causes, saying the magic words and reworking into the hero identified because the “Big Pink Cheese.”

Naturally, our disgruntled orphan instantly puts his powers to make use of for good — his good, I imply, getting some cash to buy things he probably shouldn’t have and enjoying pranks on some local bullies. But the fun and games cease when Black Adam is launched from a mystical prison by Dr Sivana, raises the Seven Deadly Sins, and units out to destroy Shazam as soon as and for all!

Will you love this Shazam story
It probably will depend on how you feel in regards to the pre-New 52 Shazam. Did you like the kind-hearted Billy Batson, who was a bit awkward but at all times tried to do the right thing In that case, the brand new 52 Billy won’t be your thing. However in case you didn’t have any robust emotions about Billy/Shazam, then you definitely won’t be bothered by Johns turning him into a negative, whiny, and superman tshirt for men belligerent kid, who nonetheless has a good heart hiding below all that angst.

As for me, I actually preferred this comedian assortment. Geoff Johns’ story is very entertaining, if different; Gary Frank’s art is great, even if our superhero’s boots take a little bit of getting use to; and this new Shazam is good stuff.

There really is barely drawback with this e book: no extra New 52 Shazam! to learn after this one. Something that basically sucks for me and my son, at the very least.