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The largest Plot Holes In the Flash

In season one, followers were shocked to discover that the mysterious Dr. Harrison Wells was truly Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash. Initially from the 22nd century, Eobard makes use of his super-pace to journey again in time and change the past by killing Barry Allen’s mother. But when he loses his own pace powers, Eobard realizes he needs Barry’s connection to the Speed Pressure to return to the future, so he orchestrates the accident that gives Barry superpowers and trains him to turn out to be the Flash.

Sadly, the show by no means actually explains why the Reverse-Flash loses his speed and will get stuck in the past. His pc superman t shirt full sleeve queens tells him that touring again superman t shirt full sleeve queens in time “brought about a large drain” on his powers, which simply raises extra questions. Do speedsters get a limited supply of the Velocity Power Will Barry run out in the future Sinestro In season two we find out that Eobard originally gave himself his powers by recreating the accident that turned Barry into the Flash. Couldn’t he simply do that again Why does he have to present those powers to his archenemy as a substitute

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