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Lena Luthor (Character)

Within the pre-disaster era Lena Luthor was the youngest sister of Lex Luthor and she lived with her father, Jules. When Lex became a criminal, the family changed their names to Thorul.

In this universe Lena Luthor is the little sister of Lex Luthor and daughter of Lionel Luthor. In contrast to the other version of Lena she grew up with Lex until he left Smallville. Lena can also be an invalid and her daughter Lori is at all times caring for her. When Lori turned buddies with Superboy and finally kissed him, she introduced him to visit her home. A few minutes later Lex appears with kryptonite in his palms claiming that he can cure his little sister, Lex cures Lena but then undoes his cure simply to show to Superboy that he can kill Superman.

Nowadays Lena is under care of the Wayne Enterprises docs.
Lena Luthor works in her big brother Lex’s non-public labortory based beneath Lexcorp Tower. She is still in her wheelchair and it’s believed that Lex knew he could not heal her so he left dwelling. The reality is Lex tried and did not heal Lena and Lex left home instead of being reminded of his failure.

The Amazo Virus
Lena is present when a battle between the Justice League and Neutron, by chance releases the Amazo Virus from Lex Luthor’s personal lab.

Darkseid Warfare
When Lex Luthor and Superman enter the laboratory, she shoots her brother from behind and makes use of a Darkseid motherbox, teleporting them both out of the lab.

Reside Motion
Lena First appears within the superman long sleeve shirt 4th season of the Television show Superboy. She is the only person Lex Luthor has ever loved. When he finds out she superman long sleeve shirt died in an accident he decides to destroy the world. Clark and Lana begin to look into her dying when they discover her utilities had been shut off before she died. It seems Lena faked her personal dying to get away from the stigma of being Lex’s sister. She returns to his facet to help convince Lex to cease his insane plot. She is played by Jennifer Hawkins.

Lena seems during season eight of Smallville under the title of Tess Mercer, originally a mysterious woman who positive aspects management of Lex’s belongings following his death. She is obsessive about discovering out what happened to Lex Luthor, and begins to research Lex’s obsession with Clark. All through her time on the present Tess becomes a trusted good friend of Clark. Throughout the final season Tess begins researching her past eventually finding out that she was born Lutessa Lena Luthor, abandoned by Lex’s father like he did together with his other illegitimate son Lucas (revealed in season 2). She is played by Cassidy Freeman.

Through the 2nd season Lena moves to Nationwide City the place she seems to be trying to redeem the Luthor name. A lot of her actions are still clouded in thriller however She has befriended and helped Kara on a lot of occasions including saving her from Lena’s own mother’s attempt to kill her. She is played by Katie McGrath.

DC Super Hero Women

Lena debuts in the episode “Batnapped” of the 3er season. She is voiced by Romi Dames.

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DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games

Lena Luthor works in the college, beneath the alias of Lena Thurol, as the IT woman whereas secretly plotting in opposition to the school. When the Metal Men are defeated, Lena recovers Platinum and turn her into her minion. She begins building and army of kryptomites, stating that the heroes has cause extra issues that options, leading to the assault of several villains. She believes that the heroes will not be a welcome presence (Although is later revealed that the residents of Metropolis don´t suppose that manner).

She uses a chunk of technology she steals from Will Magnus and makes Platinum almost sentient.
During the final recreation, she assaults the varsity, revealing that she is Lena Luthor (not Thurol). She claims she has been working on this for a very long time, and even get bald from the kryptonite’s radiation.

She is defeated by the heroes, with the assistance of Platinum who sees the great within the heroism, and is sent to Belle Reve.

On her option to the prison it´s revealed that she has been working with Brainiac. Resulting from her failure, Brainiac must reveal himself and tries to kill Lena.

When the heroes are unable to defeat Brainiac, Massive Barda realises that if Lena has been working with him, she should know some weakness. They reach out Lena, however she refuses to assist them.