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All-New, All-Completely different [Superhero Thread]: Howard The Duck Will get A brand new Hat!

All-New, All-Different [Superhero Thread]: Howard the Duck gets a brand new hat!
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Grey Ghost wrote: »
The face seen in Secret Wars #three isn’t the results of burn injury
I dunno man you ever stick a molten hot techno mask onto your face

Gray Ghost Registered Person regular
June 2015
Extra occasions than I wanna admit, frankly

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Undead Scottsman Revenge of Purple Steve Registered Consumer common
June 2015 edited June 2015

I believed the official story was that Doom obtained a tiny scar from when his “contact my dead mom” machine exploded, went “Raagh, my beautiful visage is permanetly marred” had these monks make him a metallic face, and went “I do not ever plan to let anyone see my face once more, so I am not even going to look ahead to this to cool” and thus he put a burning sizzling chunk of steel on his face.

Brevoort had a cool thing about this
What made you determine to reveal Doom’s face now after over 50 years Is nothing sacred anymore
There was some extent that Joe Q and Invoice Jemas made a number of years ago, which is relevant to this discussion: the comic e book business tends to run an awful lot on nostalgia and momentum. Nothing improper with that-but it surely does imply that, now and again, sure things change into dogma out of ennui-they develop into unmentionables just because, at one point or another, it was a good suggestion for them to have been unmentionable.

So it’s not a nasty thought each once in a while to examine the issues that you’re doing by rote, and to determine whether the reasons you’re holding to that place still hold water-or whether or not you’re doing it out of some sense of tradition that doesn’t actually apply anymore.

On the question of Physician Doom’s face, it hadn’t been seen before for basically two intertwined reasons: 1) the general feeling that nothing that could be proven on the page could be as horrific as what the reader would think about, and 2) the Comics Code wouldn’t permit you to show anything as gruesome as Doom’s face.

Now, in 2015, that second situation now not applies, and hasn’t for a decade and a half. So it really got here all the way down to the primary: would the moment be worthwhile. Up until now, it hasn’t been. But in SECRET WARS #three, given the specifics of the second that Jonathan wrote, and the best way that Esad would handle it-and the truth that it’s such a germane plot point to the whole of the collection-I judged that the time had come to go forward and take the mask off and let Doom’s countenance be seen.

(Esad can inform you how many instances I had him and Ive tweak and revise that panel-it was so much.)
EDIT: Nicely nevermind, I suppose there’s not any level in spoiling this now.

Undead Scottsman on June 2015

Gvzbgul Hillary had it in his veins Registered User common
June 2015

Cool Doom panel, simply trigger.

Vivixenne Remember your coaching, and we’ll get through this just high quality. Registered Person regular
June 2015

Cilla Black wrote: »
Vivixenne wrote: »
I have Carol, Betsy, Natasha and Ororo at stage 60. Shulkie at level 50 and at the moment leveling Jean who is level 24.

Who do you suppose is essentially the most fun to play I have not touched the sport in a while, however Carol’s melee tanking was extremely enjoyable. Something real satisfying about how her skills all had synergy with one another for harm boosting and well being regen.

I played a photonics build with Carol and had a lot of enjoyable. They’re all enjoyable in alternative ways, though Shulkie didn’t actually click on with me at all.

Betsy is all high mobility (with stealth), excessive spike harm, average aoe, low CC, poor face-tanking.

Storm is common mobility, AOE On a regular basis Every single day, poor spike injury, average CC, can’t face-tank.

Natasha is low mobility (but does have stealth), common AOE, high spike damage, common CC, unsure re: face tanking.

Jean to this point is common mobility, decent AOE, average spike damage, common CC, and can absolutely face-tank if constructed correctly.

My subsequent ones after Jean are Sue, Rogue, then Wanda.

Cilla Black Priscilla!!! Registered User common
June 2015
I believe Jean had a assessment since I performed final. She was all in regards to the aoe then, iirc, although not to Storm’s levels of ridiculousness.

Snicketysnick The greatest Hype Man in WesterosRegistered User regular
June 2015
Cilla Black wrote: »
I think Jean had a overview since I played final. She was all concerning the aoe then, iirc, although not to Storm’s ranges of ridiculousness.

Wanda has had a evaluate too, for that matter. I hope they kept in her awesome spinning death aoe.
Let’s put it this way, Wanda’s old Final is now her Signature. She’s hella good now.

D3 Steam #TeamTangent STO
Charles Soule did a short interview about Uncanny Inhumans post Secret Wars and whereas not many particulars have been given he did say the e-book superman 3d t shirt ebay is the Inhumans as an enormous superhero workforce firmly entrenched in the MU and taking on threats from and exploring every corner of it. The first villain is, as teased in the zero subject, Kang the Conqueror. The main cast is: Black Bolt, Medusa, Johnny Storm, Triton, Gorgon, Karnak, Inferno, Flint, Iso, Naja and Frank McGee.

Wouldn’t be surprised if there is a second Inhumans title that focuses more on their weird tradition and inside politics like Inhuman did. An Uncanny X-Males to Uncanny Inhumans’ Astonishing X-Males.

people should be part of the G&T marvel heroes SG, it’s fairly chill
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Centipede Damascus Ho! Ho! Ho! Drink Coke!Registered Consumer regular
June 2015

I would be taking part in, but I’m separated from my desktop in the intervening time.

cardboard delusions USAgent PSN: Saint_XLRegistered User common
June 2015
Hickman did an interview with CBR, sorry if I missed it posted already, however he did mention Secret Wars would get into Doom’s Face
Usually when Doom unmasks in comics the audience doesn’t get to see his face. Why did you need to reveal it right here

There were loads of reasons that went into it. Some I do not want to talk about as a result of ‘spoilers,’ however one of the big things we needed to get across was that whereas Doom is omnipotent, he additionally has shortcomings. He’s not excellent.

A kind of things is that he’s not omniscient. He would not know everything. Then the other thing is that there is still one thing basically flawed within him that manifests itself externally. So he can’t heal his face and, of course, that matters.

Straightzi So farewell hope, and with hope farewell concern, Farewell remorse; all good to me is misplaced.Registered User regular
June 2015

Doom discuss
I’d say that elements of the face positively align with how burn scarring can work. Burn scars are super weird, and don’t behave the way in which that normal scars do.

Midnite Down by the bonfireRegistered Consumer regular
June 2015
Nicely, he did just spend the higher a part of twenty-5 years preventing a secret war in opposition to the Beyonders. Dude’s received to be pushing his sixties by now.

(There was additionally an eight 12 months hole between SW#1 and #2 but he was already omnipotent by then.)
Doom does not age for Doom is past time

Hahaha good lord the Might Gross sales Charts are out and Marvel acquired forty% of the dollar share and DC acquired 25%
Marvel had 7 books in the highest 10 (Secret Wars, Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars, Star Wars, Darth Vader, A-Drive and Outdated Man Logan) Boom had 1 (Bravest Warriors which was included in Loot Crate) and DC had the 2 remaining problems with Convergence at the bottom of the highest 10.

So Secret Wars seems to be doing fairly well

Photo voltaic Registered Person regular
June 2015
In all probability helps that DC is fairly laughable proper now. They’re still a total mess.

Speaking of DC, is there a purpose why in Justice League Batman and Superman are nonetheless in their outdated establishment

Photo voltaic wrote: »
Probably helps that DC is pretty laughable right now. They’re nonetheless a total mess.
Components of this relaunch have been good! The Superman stuff, the Batman stuff, Constantine, Starfire and Black Canary is not out but but appears to be like rad

However yeah it continues to be mostly shit
Kyougu wrote: »
Speaking of DC, is there a cause why in Justice League Batman and Superman are nonetheless of their old established order

Apart from “DC!”
Because Johns has been planning this story for ages and didn’t need to change it to suit the opposite books so presumably it’s pre-Endgame and Pre-Reality

Steaaaaaaam All Alongside The Watchtower: A DCAU Podcast. NEW EPISODE – EPISODE forty two – Tools of the Commerce (Superman: The Animated Collection S01E12) – August 9th

Someone mentioned this after the reveal, but I feel Ultimate Finish 2 provides help to the speculation that Bendis’s Iron Man Could very well be ultimate Stark. There’s a lot focus on the 2 of them that this title looks like a lead-in. 616 Tony getting Ultimate Tony to throw away the flask was a fairly main moment, and I suspect there will probably be some heavy pay-off to that.

Also, yeah, Darkseid Struggle is the story your complete New 52 has been building to and has necessary plot beats with all of the massive 7, so Johns will get to make use of them like whatever. I expect the story to be pretty long, so I imagine that it may both be set earlier than or after the Divergence stories. Hal Jordan is also back in it as a daily ring-wielder, which breaks his current status quo as well. The only e book that seems linked to it is Cyborg.

Langly Registered User common
June 2015
yeah I believe one of many things that doesn’t really make sense yet/appears super untenable is the fact that everybody in battleworld has a backstory that supposedly acknowledges they’re on battleworld but additionally that their universe…exists. Like, world’s pasts are utterly incompatible with their current reality, it could be immediately apparent.

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I think that is just what happens when you’ve got an event of this scale.

HadjiQuest wrote: »
I feel that is just what happens when you’ve gotten an occasion of this scale.

Kyougu Registered Consumer regular
June 2015

Lots of the stuff exterior of the principle sequence seems to be letting creators just go crazy with stuff.

Which is cool!
However yeah, makes the primary idea complicated.

Elderlycrawfish Registered Person common
June 2015
Battleworld works the way it does because DOOM.

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HadjiQuest Registered User common
June 2015

Ok, I’m on board.
jkylefulton wrote: »
HadjiQuest wrote: »
I feel that is just what occurs when you will have an occasion of this scale.

It form of bugs me, especially in Outdated Man Logan where it actually picks up where the original story left off, but I’l prepared to let it go at the same time because the tales are ok.

Its virtually like the writer on the e book can’t be bothered to mesh his stories with everyone else.
CHRIST it gets irritating how laborious folks harp on this

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The Gods and Monsters Surprise Girl brief is out. It’s not darkish and gritty like the opposite two. There’s a way of enjoyable and adventure.

Chincymcchilla Registered Consumer common
June 2015
Sorry that wasn’t actually meant to be focused at a particular individual

Its just really drained
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Tox I kill threads Punch DimensionRegistered Consumer regular
June 2015
More like KingofSlowCows

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KingofMadCows Registered User regular
June 2015

Tox wrote: »
Extra like KingofSlovines

Straightzi wrote: »
Doom speak
I would say that parts of the face undoubtedly align with how burn scarring can work. Burn scars are tremendous bizarre, and don’t behave the way in which that regular scars do.

The missing nose and jacked up teeth I am not so sure about. They could possibly be caused by different issues, I assume

Extreme heat will warp bones and destroy cartilage (do not google burn victims). Though putting a purple hot iron mask on his face ought to imply he does not have eyes regardless of the rest of the injury.

Blankzilla KOOKABUNGA LIVES Registered Consumer regular
June 2015
Bendis has explicitly stated that Tony superman 3d t shirt ebay in Invincible Iron Man is 616 Tony Stark and has mentioned that Arno and Superior will likely be a part of his run in addition to Tony’s biological mother and father

I don’t know why folks keep saying it is Ultimate Tony
Steaaaaaaam All Alongside The Watchtower: A DCAU Podcast. NEW EPISODE – EPISODE 42 – Instruments of the Commerce (Superman: The Animated Sequence S01E12) – August 9th

Langly wrote: »
yeah I feel one of many things that doesn’t actually make sense yet/seems tremendous untenable is the fact that everybody in battleworld has a backstory that supposedly acknowledges they are on battleworld but in addition that their universe…exists. Like, world’s pasts are completely incompatible with their present reality, it could be immediately obvious.

Outdated Man Logan is one in every of the simpler examples, in that his world is based around the future of 616 going badly, he knows who everyone seems to be, and he is aware of so many persons are useless. However on this world he additionally knows that different versions of these people exist, and in addition that his entire world seems to be made up of the continental US Like, he would learn about different countries and…the planet Booster_Gold Earth. And if he does remember all that, like he’s shown to do in the primary challenge, the world does not make any sense.

Like I am high quality with Secret Wars in general but there hasn’t really been a motive that I’ve seen that reveals how any of that stuff would work. It is lacking exhibiting any of the how and simply form of relying on you accepting the concept.

That’s the key overarching storyline in every single e book out of Secret Wars to date, they usually even immediately tackle it in Secret Wars #three. Yes, people remember bits and pieces of a world earlier than Battleworld, no they do not remember every thing, simply the parts necessary to their origins. Every little thing else is type of fuzzy.

I do know Logan is probably getting essentially the most acknowledgement for it because people is likely to be actively avoiding another titles, however the primary people to discuss how issues are “improper” within the occasion was Spider-Gwen and the opposite Spider-people. With Gwen actively mentioning that she’s been put in a spot where she was supposedly killed by Osborn and there have been no Spider-Men for a very long time. Paviitr immediately talks about how everybody thinks that they’ve lived on Battleworld their entire life however no one questions too much how their reminiscences don’t all the time match up.

wirehead26 Registered Consumer regular
June 2015
Wasn’t the whole “Doom truly had a tiny scar” plot line a John Byrne thought

I’m NOT Finished WITH YOU!!!

jkylefulton Squid…or Kid NNID – majpellRegistered Consumer regular
June 2015

Eh, it’s actually only a problem with Bendis (IMO).

nightmarenny Registered User regular
June 2015
Its only an issue with Bendis for you because you might be letting everyone slide assuming it is going to be defined however instantly condemning Bendis.


Dedwrekka What Would Nyarlathotep Do Registered User regular
June 2015

jkylefulton wrote: »
Eh, it’s actually solely a difficulty with Bendis (IMO).
How is it an issue It is meant as the primary driver for multiple characters in every sequence in Secret Wars. Screwing with continuity is probably the most primary plot point within the sequence.
You’re deliberately trying to make it seem like a problem when it isn’t just working as intended it is actually the intent of the storylines and occasion as an entire.