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Michael Rosenbaum Of Smallville Wants To stormtrooper sweatshirt Play Lex Luthor Again!

Michael Rosenbaum, portrayer of Smallville-ain Lex Luthor, desires to get a second chance at playing Superman’s Kryptonite-wielding foe once once more.

Men's Cotton Captain Atom Vol Short Sleeve T-ShirtAfter there’s been some support online for Breaking Dangerous’s Bryan Cranston to play the part, Michael stormtrooper sweatshirt took his campaign to Twitter with this tweet:

Whoa, aggressive! Trashing your competition towards a egocentric purpose Huh, really sounds quite a bit like one thing Lex Luthor may do. Properly performed, Michael. Properly stormtrooper sweatshirt performed.

Who do you think ought to play Lex Luthor Cranston Rosenbaum That bald, old man that was in the Six Flags commercials Tell us!

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