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Season 3 Episode 7: Killer Frost

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I get that the writes don’t want to follow the “canon” utterly to maintain people guessing and permit the unknown to make for a better show, however the one factor that’s constant, and makes The Flash, The Flash, is his cockiness. So why then must Each episode have a, “you need to consider in yourself Barry” moment Between that and each Arrow episode having a, “you can’t blame yourself/I did it or didn’t let you know star wars comic t shirt white to star wars comic t shirt white guard you/you can’t do it yourself” moment(s), these shows are beginning to get a bit outdated. I keep hoping for them to get better, but it’s beginning to try my persistence. It looks like each superhero movie/present has to emphasise the interior wrestle of the hero. Yes, that is a reputable challenge, but come on, there’s greater than that. At this level I discover myself hoping for a cross over each week because those have been the only respectable episodes, and doubtless only because of Barry and Felicity. Anyone else feeling star wars comic t shirt white equally