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Best Superhero Film Ever: Wolverine And Th..

Wolverine and Batman are the coolest superheroes for me. I need to see them together in a film. The one drawback is one is a Marvel character and different is a DC character. Srk and salman can come collectively however not Marvel and DC.

I know Marvel and DC universes are separate but I have even written the story for it. The story will be set after the occasions of Justice League film. Wolverine is star trek red shirt costume malaysia preventing a supervillain who can open portals to different universes. Let’s name this supervillain Traveller. Now, as Traveller is dropping the combat in opposition to wolverine, he opens a portal to DC universe and is working away but wolverine follows him to DC universe just earlier than the portal closes.

Now enters Batman. Batman and wolverine battle each other first and than wolverine saves someone’s life. Batman and Wolverine have an awesome talk.

Batman: You Jackman, me batman
Wolverine: It’s Hugh Jackman I imply It’s Wolverine

It was a nasty joke however they want to break the fourth wall. Now, they crew up collectively to combat traveller. They battle traveller’s goons but traveller is going to kill batman by his attack. However wolverine kills him together with his claws at the right time and saves Batman’s life. Batman guarantees to send wolverine again to Marvel universe but it’s going to take sometime. Batman affords him to affix justice league until that time.

Wolverine becomes part of Justice league in Justice league 2.
P.S- They’ll carry Vibe/Cisco Ramon and ship Wolverine again if they don’t want him in Justice league. But, please Marvel and DC carry these two collectively for the star trek red shirt costume malaysia best superhero film ever.