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Teen Titans Go! Wiki

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Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) is an apprentice of the vigilante Batman and minor character in Teen Titans Go!. She is voiced by Tara Sturdy.

Batgirl, the daughter of Police Commissioner James Gordon, started her profession as a solo fighter who often joined Batman and Robin in combating crime in Gotham. When Robin left Batman to turn out to be his own hero, Batgirl turned Batman’s important sidekick.

Later on, she grew to become an ally of the Teen Titans Worldwide and was invited to hitch the Titans East celebration within the episode “Starliar.”

Batgirl dancing.
In “Staring at the longer term,” Beast Boy and Cyborg traveled to an alternate future after a 30 year staring contest. There, they discovered Batgirl married to Robin (who now goes by the name Nightwing), living together in Titans Tower with their three children.

When Beast Boy and Cyborg tried to change the future using a time machine, Nightwing summoned Starfire and Raven to cease them. Within the commotion, Batgirl appeared and shushed her husband for making so much noise… he was disturbing the youngsters. On this star trek klingon t shirt 50 moment of distraction, Beast Boy and Cyborg end up going back in time and alter the future so Batgirl and Nightwing by no means acquired together.

In “Starliar,” Batgirl is seen at the Titans East Dance Occasion, where she dances with Aqualad.
The Titans vandalize a statue of a mermaid to make is resemble Batgirl in “Slumber Occasion”.

Batgirl makes a cameo look inside Robin’s imaginary yearbook in “Yearbook Madness”. It is urged she is in love with Robin, because in Starfire’s yearbook, it said, “back off of my man!”

Displayed as a slender and lovely teenager, Batgirl has thus far solely been seen in her costume. It’s extremely-tight and coloured virtually totally black. The entire accessories, including boots, gloves, and glowing utility belt are yellow. The bat symbol, borrowed from her mentor, can also be colored yellow. The gauntlets she wears bare League of Shadows spikes on them, additionally adopted from Batman. A short, jagged purple cape hangs from her back which actually ought to be categorized as a napkin ’cause it’s so small, and her pink hair is drawn up in an enormous corn rising ponytail stem stalk. Her face is half-hid by the star trek klingon t shirt 50 Bat-mask, but what could be seen is her sky-blue eyes and pink lips.

In “Staring at the longer term,” Batgirl’s appearance slightly adjustments. Her mask and go well with are still coloured black, however her hair is let down far beneath her again, her boots have excessive-heels that shake the bottom creating corn cracks since they are seen, and her cape is now blue and longer.

Episode Appearances
Season 1

Starliar (cameo, debut)
Staring at the longer term (speaking debut)
Sidekick (costume worn by Starfire)

Season 2
Slumber Get together (statue)
Beast Man (cameo in magazine)
Yearbook Madness (cameo in yearbook)

Season 3
Hey You, Do not forget about Me in Your Reminiscence (real identify written on bulletin board)
Black Friday (cameo)
Rad Dudes with Unhealthy Tudes (cameo on stickers)
Snuggle Time (cameo)

Season 4
BBRAE (cameo on a back of a magazine)
Justice League’s Next Prime Expertise Idol Star (cameo)
BBCYFSHIPBDAY (cameo on journal)

– In “La Larva de Amor,” an image design of Batgirl is seen on the facet of the Batboat.
Tara Strong, the voice of Batgirl, beforehand voiced Batgirl for a majority of DC Animated Universe sequences (following the death of her unique voice actress, Mary Kay Bergman), which included The brand new Batman Adventures, Batman Beyond, and Gotham Ladies. She continued to voice Batgirl/Barbara Gordon within the Cartoon Network collection Beware the Batman, and voiced her in Batman: The Killing Joke.
In some incarnations, Robin and Batgirl have romantic affections for each other. In this sequence, she has an alternate future of being married to Nightwing, and mothering three youngsters.
She is one among the one characters to be redesigned all through Luke_Skywalker the sequence. However, the change is not too drastic.
Batgirl’s costume resembles her unique comedian guide design seen in Detective Comics #359 as well as her costume from The brand new Batman Adventures.