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Superheroes: Swim Race: Aquaman Vs Superman Who Would Win

Aquaman does not transfer via the water by any magical means, however his own bodily energy. C-3PO Aquaman strikes as quick as he does because of his strength, and he swims, shiny firefly t shirt yahoo as opposed to doing the rest, as a result of that is the only option he has.

Much as two swimmers competing, a swim race between Aquaman shiny firefly t shirt yahoo and Superman would go to the stronger swimmer, and whereas Aquaman is certainly the known swimmer, he has no advantage over Superman on this match-up. Superman does not need to breathe, has endurance that can final unreplenished for days, can see underwater simply in addition to he can on dry land, shiny firefly t shirt yahoo and nonetheless has super-velocity to assist him in the duty.

Unlike the Flash, who can fall back on the Velocity Power to explain away a victory, Aquaman would not possess a Water or Swim Drive to offer him a deux et machina win. Unless Aquaman has been enchanted to never lose in a swim match, he would lose towards Marvel Girl, Captain Marvel, Martian Manhunter, and most undoubtedly Superman.

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