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Homemade Halloween Costumes

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Homemade Halloween Costumes
Updated on October 9, 2017 Samantha Harris moreSam is the mother of two young boys, Juju margin:0px !vital;” />like this one

Ribbon (optional)
Mardi Gras beads (optional)

Flat glass marbles (non-obligatory)
Step 1. Minimize out an oval strip of cardstock and glue it on to the headband. This provides you with a wider base to work with. You may skip this part in case you need a skinny flower crown.

Step 2. Glue down leaves on to the cardstock, you may cover the headband fully if you like, however undoubtedly do the entrance and sides. You are able to do a wild pattern, or keep it symmetrical. I like symmetry so that’s what I usually attempt to go for but all of it depends on your personality and the feeling you’re going for. You may skip the leaves if you like, however I believe it makes the crowns feel more luxurious.

Step 3. For my part, on the subject of flower crowns, extra is extra. Keep flowers carefully bunched collectively. Have a look at wedding ceremony bouquet photos for inspiration and steerage. The nicest trying bouquets are the ones that seem full, with flowers carefully collectively. If you’re utilizing completely different sorts of flowers see how your flower will look within the crown before gluing it down.

Step 4. Embellish. I like so as to add strands of ribbon at the ends of my flower crowns. You can also add Mardi Gras beads to the end, or loop them around the flowers in your crown for added impact. Frost the information of the petals with glitter and glue for extra sparkle and charm. Flat glass pebbles are additionally nice for embellishing. Use fairly findings from around the house. The sky is the restrict.

Wonderland Hatter Hats
Click thumbnail to view full-size Mad Hatter Hat
Click thumbnail to view full-dimension White Rabbit Hat
Click on thumbnail to view full-size Cheshire Cat Hat
Click thumbnail to view full-size Okay, so these hats truly took some time to create, I would not precisely name them final minute. Nevertheless, since they have been so detailed, I simply ended up putting the boys in clothes they already had in their closet that coordinated with the hats. The whimsical hats actually labored nicely to rework day-after-day clothes into Wonderland attire.

I made three hats; Mad Hatter hat, White Rabbit hat, and the Cheshire Cat hat. Each of the boys were so suited to every hat and having the boys in mind whereas I made them I feel actually helped me create something that reflected their personalities. I’m going to explain the overall process of making each and offer recommendations on how you might decorate them.

Card inventory

card board
Fabric or paint or simply use colored card inventory

Mardi gras beads

Tape measure
Pretend flowers and other decorative gadgets
Step 1. Make a sketch of what you’d just like the completed hat to seem like. You don’t must keep on with it, but it’ll help guide you. Use this as a possibility to plan out the colors you will use and materials you have to. You could possibly additionally pick an outfit you would like to wear from your wardrobe and plan the hat round it.

Step 2. Measure the circumference of the pinnacle you make the hat for and add a couple of centimeters.
Step 3. Create a hat out of your card inventory following the directions within the video above and use your personal measurements. Use cardboard to reinforce the top of the hat and the brim. Alternatively, you possibly can simply purchase a type of plastic prime hat celebration favors and skip forward.

Step four. At the time I made these I simply so happened to have a number of fabric, no paint, and no colored card stock, so I made things very difficult for myself and coated the hat in fabric I minimize out into giant pieces and sizzling glued on. I then used Mardi Gras beads and detailing to cowl up my rough edges and seams. It was very tedious. If you do not have time or endurance for it, I’d recommend using card stock in the colour you need, or spray painting/paint your hat your required color.

Step 5. Now time for the enjoyable half! Time to detail, decorate, and make this hat your individual. For the white rabbit I used felt fabric for the ears and added numerous flowers to inform the story of the white rabbit racing via the backyard. For the cheshire cat, I used cardboard triangles, felt fabric, and an previous knitted cap to create the cat ears. I added flowers and some stray feathers to elude to the cheshire cat’s sneaky nature and the way harmful that could make him (the feathers being from a chook he caught while prowling via the backyard). I also added some Mardi Gras beads for whiskers. For the Hatter I used craft feathers to create an entire wing and caught Joker playing cards in the ribbon to elude to the Hatter’s excessive and playful nature.

This is another instance where extra is more. Add stuff until your happy, especially when you plan for this to be the focal level of what you are sporting. Pair with colored contacts, make-up, and coordinating equipment.

Male colored pants, thermal shirt, vest, and mommy’s scarves for belt and bandanna.” title=”Little pirate boy; coloured pants, thermal shirt, vest, and mommy’s scarves for belt and bandanna.” class=”image_module_thumb”/> Female Pirate
Click on thumbnail to view full-dimension Last Minute Pirate Costume
Unisex Steered Items

Button-down shirt

Colourful or striped pants
Industrial Boots

(optionally available) Eyepatch

(non-obligatory) Sword
(elective) Pirate Hat

(non-obligatory) Long Coat
(non-obligatory) Makeup

(elective) Waist Scarf
Feminine Instructed Items

Fishnet Tights
Full Black or dark skirt

Knee Excessive Boots
Costume Jewelry

Waist Belt
That is my go-to costume when I’m down to the wire. Mainly as a result of I’ve at all times seemed to be drawn to piratey/gypsy like clothes anyway…This costume works properly for the whole family!

Step 1. Plan out your outfit and get dressed. Look at Television pirates and other pirate costumes for inspiration. If you don’t have a hat, a bandanna will work just wonderful.

Step 2. Once you’re all dressed take your outfit a step additional by doing facepaint or make-up. This is especially cute on little children!

Step three. In case you have an eye patch or other pirate equipment, superior.
That’s it. Actually.

DIY Bodycon Skirt
Mermaid Costume rocket and groot t shirt Tutorial
Last Minute Mermaid Costume
Shimmery Fabric*


Button-up Cardigan or shirt
Sizzling Glue or Fabric Adhesive

(non-compulsory) Costume Jewellery
(optionally available) Seashells

(non-compulsory) Needle one for arm, one for hand.” title=”Add handle to back of shield, make another; one for arm, one for hand.” class=”image_module_thumb”/> DIY Sword, Sheath, and Shield

Poster board

Sizzling glue
Duct tape/packing tape

Silver reflective tape (or whatever colour you need the blade to be)
Colored duct tape in the colour you want

Colored tape for decaling (optionally available)

Paper and pencil
Step 1. Create a stencil in your sword, sheath, and shield utilizing your paper and pencil. Be sure your sheath is slightly wider than your sword so it is going to match.

Step 2. Trace and cut out two sword piece and two shield items from Iron_Man cardboard. Attempt to chop the pieces so that the corragation of the cardboard goes in several instructions on each piece, this may make it stronger.
For the sheath, lower out two poster board items.

Step three. Sizzling glue the sword items together and the shield items collectively, you may stop here and sizzling glue a cardboard handle to your shield in case you like the cardboard knight look.

Step 4. Fully cowl the sheath items in decorative duct tape on one facet. I used a reflective duct tape so will probably be safer when we go trick or treating (and since it was pretty). Lay the untaped sides in opposition to each other and tape them collectively alongside the seams.

Step 5. Duct tape the edges of your sword and shield to clean them out. Cowl the sword with the silver/blade colored tape you choose and the hilt along with your other decorative tape. Cowl the shield in any pattern you select. This looks like a daunting job however I actually ended up making two swords and two shields as a result of my son left his at his Gma’s home right before Halloween. It didn’t actually take a lot time or effort to make–simply a variety of tape.

Step 6. Use both regular duct tape/packing tape to make handles for the shield and a belt loop for the sheath. I did this by layering several items of tape collectively then taping the loop to the back of the shield/sheath. For the shield I created a large loop for him to stick his arm through and a small loop for him to seize on to along with his hand.

Step 7. Make a helmet if you’re feeling ambitious! In any other case, you should use face paint to finish off the look. Slide your sheath on to your belt and prepare for battle.

DIY Knight’s Helmet
So, the preliminary plan for Blaze’s helmet was that I was going to paint it on his face–but in fact, Blaze, being the little Aries that he’s, determined to have a melt down an hour before we went trick or treating because he didn’t have a helmet. The costume did feel incomplete without one and that i do like a challenge–so, someway, I whipped one collectively just in time to go trick or treating. I did not doc the process and i truthfully cannot remember how I made it, nevertheless it was something similar to the video above plus large amounts of duct tape as a substitute of paper mache.

Click on thumbnail to view full-measurement Dragon Hoodie
Pullover hoodie

Felt or fleece for scales and horns
Needle and thread or hot glue

Cotton or some kind of filler
Fabric in same colour as hoodie (preferably the identical type of fabric)(optional)

I apologise once more for not having too many photos of the process of this. I actually labored on it during my commute to and from work so rocket and groot t shirt it could have been a bit awkward taking footage. rocket and groot t shirt I am going to walkthrough the method as best I can.

Step 1. Trace and reduce out a whole bunch of scales to your dragon. Then stitch or sizzling glue two items collectively to make the scales stiff so they will stand up straight. I would suggest sewing the scales if you are using fleece and hot gluing the scales if you’re using felt, however do what seems finest to you.

Step 2. Pin scales down the center and back of the hoodie. I am not sure what the most effective technique of doing this is, however I simply sort of made a pocket for the scales by pinching the fabric of the sweater over the underside of the dimensions. I tried to maintain it constant. This part was the most important pain of all. If you’ll be able to consider a better approach to do that please share!

Step 3. When you’ve got a sewing machine you can probably sew all of the scales down. I had to do it by hand. I am sure scorching glue would have labored simply as properly.

Step four. For the horns I cut out cones with rounded bottoms and stuffed them. Then stitched them to the highest of the pinnacle.

Step 5. That is elective however if in case you have fabric the colour of your hoodie you can add a tail by creating a cone and sewing it to the again of the hoodie then adding scales. You possibly can also add a bit of fabric around the horn to make it seem like it’s protruding from the dragon’s skin. You can eliminated the front pouch of your hoodie (when you’ve got one), lower off the sleeves, or crop it if you need so as to add these details but do not have the fabric for it.

Recognizable Characters
Listed below are some tutorials for costumes I made over time of iconic characters.

DIY Angry Chook Hoodie Costume
Click thumbnail to view full-size Click thumbnail to view full-dimension DIY Angry Birds Hoodie Costume

Pullover sweater with hood (in color of Offended Chook you wish to make)
Sturdy sewing needles/sewing machine OR glue gun

Thread (ideally in identical coloration as felt add ons)
Colored felt (in colours of accents of Offended Hen you wish to make)

Pins/Security Pins
Sharp Scissors

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