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plus size iowa hawkeye shirts inc What Does It Mean For An Atom To Be Stable

What does it imply for an atom to be stable

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2 Answers

it has full valence electrons
The less reactive an atom is the more stable it is. Reactivity relies on what number of valence electrons the atom has- 1 is probably the most reactive and eight is the least reactive. When you get a sodium atom which has one valence electron and pop it in some water, the sodium will explode. Nonetheless, if you place helium in water, nothings gonna occur because helium has full valence electron shells so it wont react.

Chemical reactions are principally simply atoms trying to fuse together, so if the atom already has the optimum amount of valence electrons, its not going to need to share them or give them out. If its not giving out its valence electrons, its going to be stable because it wont strive fusing.

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For an atom to be stable, it should achieve octet rule, meaning it must have plus size iowa hawkeye shirts inc 8 valence electron, or have an empty valence shell.

For the more difficult atoms, anything with more than 3 shells, the atom will probably be stable with a full valence shell or plus size iowa hawkeye shirts inc an empty valence shell.

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