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Manga Moveable Feast

I’m engaged on writing up a evaluate of the primary couple volumes of one Piece for the Manga Moveable Feast, but I thought I’d take the time to speak about different characters in comics who have related stretchy powers as One Piece’s enthusiastic protagonist Monkey D. Luffy. While Luffy gained his rubber powers by consuming the fruit of the Gum Gum tree, there are plenty of examples of tremendous heroes with magical stretchy skills in western comics. Here’s a brief overview of some stretchy superheros.

Reed Richards aka Mr Incredible:
The leader of the Fantastic 4, Reed Richards gained his stretching talents on account of a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong. The funny factor about Reed Richard’s powers is that for someone with such goofy-wanting powers, Reed is unquestionably a complete stiff in terms of his personality. The contrast between his somewhat frivolous powers and his intellect make him an attention-grabbing chief of one of many classic super teams, even though he’d relatively spend all of his time official superman t shirt in a lab.

The Elongated Man
In an amusing coincidence, the Elongated Man’s powers are additionally fruit primarily based. It looks like poor Ralph Dibney is always going to be a second-string character, because it doesn’t do a lot good to be a detective in the identical universe as Batman. It also doesn’t appear to be all that fantastic to be tremendous stretchy in a universe containing Plastic Man. He’s doomed to be second best and he and his spouse appear to be mainly used as cannon fodder in DC crossover event comics.

Jimmy Olsen (Elastic Lad)
When Superman’s finest pal travels ahead in time to hang out with the Legion of Tremendous-Heroes, he does so by taking on the talents of Elastic Lad when he official superman t shirt drinks a serum. Sadly his super powers do not allow him to make time with the Legion ladies very effectively. Jimmy’s transformation into Elastic Lad had been a part of a basic sample the place he endured being modified into any variety of unusual creatures. If you’ve been transformed into an enormous turtle boy, gorilla, or a radioactive dude having temporary elastic powers seems fully normal.

Plastic Man
Plastic Man is by far my favourite stretchy super hero, mainly as a result of Jack Cole was an incredibly proficient cartoonist who took full benefit of the idea of somebody having elastic powers. Eel O’Brian was a thief who was splashed by an odd acid, gaining Most stretchy superheroes have some degree of invulnerability as a result of their malleable nature, however Plastic Man is ready to rework himself into any form possible whereas nonetheless retaining the distinctive crimson and yellow coloring of his costume. Plastic Man comics end up being delightfully surreal, however comics featuring other heroes with elastic powers usually just deal with their stretchy limbs as an alternative of taking full advantage of the possibilities of a person made of rubber.

Luffy seems to be partially invulnerable resulting from his rubber powers, however he largely uses his elastic skills to pack some powerful punches, just based on the primary couple volumes. I’m curious to see how his elastic powers are used additional into series.

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