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A Riddle A Day Keeps The Riddler Away/When The Rat’s Away The Mice Will Play

Synopsis: The Riddler’s again in town, working with the River Rats Gang—breaking up a magnificence pageant and kidnapping visiting King Boris to set a lure for the dynamic duo. Once he is obtained them in his clutches, he’s decided to get rid of them, once and for all.

PE: Commissioner Gordon’s crack police squad is all present and prepared for obligation. There should not have been any ice cream carts illegally parked in Gotham that day.

JS: Was Batman profiting from his backstage entry at the Miss Galaxy pageant
PE: “When is a person like a piece of wooden ” I used to be considering — when he’s bored.

JS: Whereas I can understand their tearing out of the Batcave on the solution to Gotham, wouldn’t you assume they’d be just a little more cautious about screeching in There’s an atomic pile in there, fer chrissakes!

PE: When Batman and Robin come tearing out of the backstage door, Batman seems to be across the luke skywalker black shirt 3d parking lot like he is misplaced his automobile. “Oh, there it is, right luke skywalker black shirt 3d in entrance of me!”

JS: All these Batmobiles must look alike.
PE: Batman leads the king right to the trap door (which is hardly hidden). Whose facet is he on

JS: Ah, remember the times when laptop screens scrolled by… and did you notice how Batman all the time has to say what he’s searching for whereas tickling the keys on the Bat Pc

PE: Tickling It looks like some form of crazed foreplay to me.
JS: In case you have been crawling up the wall, would you cease midway to have a conversation

PE: How about when Robin lets go of the rope to level at Batman and inform him he is right !
JS: My favourite Bat Line:
Batman: Stop fiddling with that atomic pile and get down here!

JS: Clearly spinning at 1,000 rotations per second just isn’t good in your legs…
PE: I can’t wait for the DVD release. I am certain the producers will go in and tinker with the special results a la George Lucas. Dummies are much more lifelike nowadays.

JS: Overlook the entire take the glasses off Clark Kent argument… how might someone go from talking to Batman to talking to Bruce Wayne and not even pick up the similarities. I do have to offer Commissioner Gordon credit for not being fooled by the fully completely different sounding Batman who came in and left through the workplace window.

PE: You imply Fatman My gosh, everybody seems like Adam West once they placed on that cowl. Doesn’t Alfred get into the game sometime later within the run

JS: Gries gives some of the most dynamic route we have seen up to now. There are a number of fascinating lighting selections, extreme close-ups, and digital camera moves (that didn’t involve simulating an explosion).

PE: This may have not be an original thought but it occurs to me that Gorshin was channeling Kirk Douglas for his function of The Riddler. Douglas was part of Gorshin’s repartoire in the 60s.Then Michael Douglas channels Gorshin’s The Riddler for Wall Street!

JS: Channeling anyone or not, Gorshin knocks another one out of the park. I notably preferred his whispered goodbyes to Batman and Robin as he despatched them to their peril. Sadly, I wasn’t an enormous fan of his newest moll, Mousey (Silo), and wasn’t shocked to see that her career primarily consisted of applying that screech of hers to a wide range of voice-over projects.

PE: I, nevertheless, actually dug Mousey’s “Three faces of kink” routine: first the Judy Garland get-up in our intro on the airport, then with the black rubber coat, and eventually the Angus Younger schoolgirl disguise. If I might been the Riddler, this is the sort of chick I’d have had in my gang.

JS: Our underutilized Bat Babe of the week was Miss Galaxy winner Joy Herman (forty one-22-36), maybe most well-known for her automobile-washing skills from Cool Hand Luke.

PE: I’m certain all of her property have been used to the best of their skills and director Gries was in a position to attract out the performance of a lifetime from Ms. Herman.

PE: I felt so sorry for Aunt Harriet on the climax of the episode when she pronounces that she’s heading off for the museum, unaware that it has been closed indefinitely for repairs. And people two rapscallions snickering away.

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Next up… The Mad Hatter! Identical Bat Time, Identical Bat URL!