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Contessa Erica (wife

Men's Luke Skywalker Star War Custom Long Sleeve Tee ShirtCreated by: Authentic Lex Luthor created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

Lex Luthor was first introduced as the pink haired mad scientist Alexi Luthor. The character reached his most famous incarnation throughout the Silver Age when the bald headed model battled Superman in his characteristic green/purple battlesuit. The Silver Age model lana del rey shirt tumblr gif was a fancy character with a sure nobility about him. The fashionable version was reintroduced throughout the bottom breaking MAN OF STEEL mini-sequence by John Byrne. Nonetheless the thought to transform Luthor right into a billionaire businessman has been credited to Marv Wolfman. This new Luthor showed none of the nobility of the Silver Age model and rapidly grew to become some of the ruthless characters in comics.

Personal Details
Status: Energetic
Alter Ego: Lex Luthor
Marital Standing: Widowed
Recognized Relations: Contessa Erica (spouse, assumed deceased), Lena Luthor (daughter), Edna Luthor (ancestor, deceased), Wallace Luthor (grandfather, deceased), other wifes (unnamed, divorced), dad and mom (unnamed, deceased), White Jr. Perry J. (son, deceased), Elizabeth Perske (spouse, divorced)
Group Affiliation: Lexcorp and the Injustice Gang
Base of Operations: Metropolis
Peak: 5′ 10″
Weight: 200 lbs
Hair: Originally purple, now bald.
Eyes: Green

Biography / Profile
The Luthor family had been among the primary European settlers that founded the small colony that sooner or later would change into Metropolis. Within the 1840s and 50s Edna Luthor was one in all the city’s leading ladies and a strong proponent of civil rights for immigrants. In the next fifty years the Luthor family grew to become part of the wealthy upper class of Metropolis. When the US entered the primary World Battle the pacifist Wallace Luthor was convinced towards his better feelings to contribute steel to the war effort. When the good Crash got here the Luthor household was ruined and Wallace was left penniless, he spend the remainder of his life convinced that the lack of his fortune was punishment for breaking his pacifist beliefs.

The Luthor’s had been diminished to nothing and the family that had as soon as been the discuss of the city was diminished to dwelling in the slums of Hob’s Bay. The young Lex Luthor was born some fifty five years in the past. His teachers regarded him as a genius, yet he hid a dark and cruel streak. At one stage he even hired some native thugs to rough up the varsity bullies. Luthor’s greatest buddy was Perry White, by way of his teachers puzzled what that they had in widespread. Luthor hated his parents and grew up listening to Wallace’s moanings about failure. So he resolved to regulate his own future and to get as far away from the failure that was the Luthor household as doable.

Aged thirteen Lex took out a large life insurance coverage in his mother or father’s title and paid off a mechanic to meddle with the breaks on his their automotive. To the world it appeared like they had died in a tragic automotive crash and Lex inherited the insurance coverage repay. That nest egg was sufficient to start out his rise, propelling himself into good schooling. Luthor began a sequence of schemes to increase his wealth. In early adulthood he used his genius to create a collection of potent narcotic compounds and offered the formulation to scores of criminal syndicates. He nearly sign handily creating the designer drugs market. Then with that cash he started investing in respectable businesses. His first actually excessive profile adventure was the launch of his revolutionary fighter jet the Lex-Wing.

With the foundation of his aerospace holdings Luthor expanded his enterprise empire. He would purchase reputable companies and create vast networks of dummy corporations to hide his possession of the not so legitimate companies. The key to Luthor’s energy was intelligence. He made it his enterprise to know each indiscretion that his opponents had ever made after which use that data to influence and blackmail them into working with or below him. Those who disagreed either had their public reputations destroyed or died in strange circumstances. Within the matter of a few a long time Lexcorp grew to become the most important company on the planet, inserting Lex Luthor as perhaps the second of third richest man on the planet.

In his hometown of Metropolis Luthor was god. He owned the media and employed straight or indirectly two thirds of the inhabitants. He select the mayor, he select the police, he select the planning, he built the city, he owned town, it and its people have been his play issues to use and abuse as he saw match. Luthor even played with the destiny of his old school good friend Perry White by seducing his spouse whereas he was overseas. Neither White nor Luthor would realise until years later that Perry’s son was really Luthor’s. Luthor solely found this when the youth was concerned in one in all Luthor’s underworld schemes. Shortly afterwards Perry White Jr. was killed by the demon Blaze.

Lex Luthor’s powerbase in Metropolis was unquestioned till the arrival of Clark Kent from Smallville. In his alter ego as Superman lana del rey shirt tumblr gif he represented bodily probably the most powerful particular person in Metropolis. As typical Luthor noticed Superman as a useful resource that would be his to control or destroy. He created a false emergency throughout a occasion on his luxury yacht to draw Superman out into the open. As soon as he had arrived and dealt with the emergency Luthor proudly offered him with an enormous check and knowledgeable him that he now labored for Lexcorp. Superman was outraged that Luthor had endangered innocents to test his abilities. A sentiment shared by the Mayor who deputised Superman. Superman then arrested Luthor on charges of reckless endangerment. Lex Luthor, essentially the most highly effective man in Metropolis was processed and detained like a common criminal.

Luthor’s legal professionals made sure that no prices had been every brought, however the damage had been carried out. Luthor had been humbled. A feeling that he hated. Now Luthor had a goal for his assets, the whole and utter destruction of Superman’s reputation and ultimately his Men’s charly bizarro Custom Long Sleeve T Shirts physical being. To that finish Luthor began elaborate scheme after scheme to discredit and kill Superman. However all proof that would have led back to Lexcorp all the time vanished or had a reasonable rationalization. Experimental battle drones stolen from Lexcorp the day earlier than they attacked Superman, defective satellites that interfered with Superman’s powers solely to be revealed as assessments for experimental authorities work, etc.

It was during the course of these battles that Luthor’s people created a process to clone and duplicate a completely grown being from a DNA scan. When Luthor tried this on Superman he created the monster Bizarro and found that Superman was truly an alien. Luthor’s paranoia hit the big time, he noticed Superman not solely as competitors however as an alien viper within the nest. When Kryptonite was found Luthor had a signet ring made to maintain the alien at bay. While quick time period publicity to Kryptonite radiation is harmless to people long run publicity can prove fatal. Luthor’s own megalomania was killing him, his doctor advised him that long term exposure to the Kryptonite had given him cancer. First it claimed his hand and eventually it would declare his life.

Luthor had his mind saved and had his folks grow a new physique round it. The method labored and the new Luthor was introduced to the world as Lex Luthor II, the son of the original. He managed to fool everyone that he was a good and sincere man and that he did not take after his father. Nonetheless underneath the pores and skin he was nonetheless the unique Luthor, but he hid his activities even deeper from public view. When Supergirl returned from a period in space Luthor romanced her pulling on her recollections of the alternate Lex Luthor that had created her. The plan would have worked if a clone plague had not infected Luthor nearly killing him. Only by promoting his soul to the demon Neron did he regain full well being. It was nothing to Luthor as a result of he did not even believe he had a soul anyway. As to the criminal actions dedicated by “Lex Luthor II”, he managed to convince a court docket that they had been really completed be a clone that had stored him imprisoned for years.

When Superman became chief of the Justice League Luthor noticed it as a deliberate and calculated upgrading of the warfare between them. He recruited the Joker, Mirror Master II, Ocean Master, Physician Mild II and Circe to grow to be a covert Injustice Gang to stage a company take over of the Justice League. He virtually succeeded by utilizing the Worlogog to control the alien J’emm and through the use of Aztek as a contact within the League. However Aztek refused to betray the League and Metron of the new Gods intervened to acquire the Worlogog. Luthor would strive once extra with an Injustice Gang to assault the League, but he discovered himself used as a puppet by Maggedon.

>When Gotham City was declared No Man’s Land Luthor saw it as an opportunity to acquire a second metropolis. He began shifting assets and folks into the disaster space and started moves in Washington to have the order reversed. Within the meantime Lexcorp would acquire the rights nearly all of the land in Gotham after which simply move right in and rebuild it. Luthor nonetheless did not issue on Bruce Wayne and the Batman. As Wayne Batman had Luthor drawn into verify on the land difficulty and forced him to help pay for the rebuilding. Luthor came out effectively with public relations, but lost the key war.

Recently the alien Brainiac 13 virus reworked Metropolis into town of tomorrow. When it looked as if it was going to be defeated by Superman it made a bargain with Luthor. In change for info concerning the know-how in the brand new Metropolis Luthor would hand over Brainiac 2.5 who was hiding in the physique of Luthor’s daughter Lena. Luthor agreed and gave over his own daughter in change for the wonders of Metropolis. Within the aftermath Superman swore to get Lena back and advised Luthor that he held him personally accountable if anything happened to the little girl. Privately Luthor felt the loss of his daughter. Nevertheless his plan is to have it all, he may have the wanders of Metropolis and sooner or later he will discover his daughter so he can go them on to her.

Talents and Tools
Lex Luthor is financially essentially the most powerful person on the planet. He can command area stations, a private security force that can rival any army and a public relations machine that God would be happy with. Luthor can go anything he want, to anyone and he will at all times be able to escape blame or conviction. Only Superman and organisations like the Justice League are ready to stand up towards him.


Crew Luthor
Crew Luthor are a staff of battle suited operatives employed by Lexcorp as their shock troops and corporate security. They have been initially arrange by Lex Luthor to be able to compete with Superman as heroes around Metropolis, however were not solely successful.

Contessa Erica Alexandra Del Portenza
Contessa Erica Alexandra Del Portenza the influential wife of multi-billionaire Lex Luthor and mom of his little one, Lena Luthor, will not be all she appears to be. She could or might not be immortal, she could or might not have known Alpha Centurion in historic Rome, and as far as Luthor is concerned she could or is probably not useless. When Lexcorp was in hassle she stepped in and purchased out a controlling share before Luthor married her to regain his empire. Manipulative as ever Luthor was her match lana del rey shirt tumblr gif and the 2 had a daughter Lena. Shortly afterwards Luthor arranged for the Contessa’s demise. An event she survived. Every bit as manipulative and evil as Luthor the Contessa will certainly have her revenge.

Recognized Varients
Emperor Lex the Sixty-First
Lex Luthor (Anti-Matter Universe)
Lex Luthor (Kingdom Come)
Lex Luthor (Pocket Universe)
Lex Luthor II

Emperor Lex the Sixty-First
In one model of the distant future generations of Luthor clones had conquered the Earth and the Galaxy crushing all opposition before them aside from a small band of rebels. One of the last rebels, Kaleb, saw his household destroyed by the forces of Emperor. He then used a prototype time journey device to incrementally journey into the past to search out the source of the Luthor emperor clones. Lastly he reached the present day and was stopped from killing Lex Luthor by Superman. Throughout the battle he vanished and was captured by Lexcorp. He is now kept in statis by Luthor someplace in Metropolis. [SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF TOMORROW #11 (1998)]

Lex Luthor (Anti-Matter Universe)
This Luthor is in part primarily based on Alexander Luthor of Earth-Three, he’s the only real hero on a parallel Earth where the counterparts of the Justice League are the evil Crime Syndicate. He as soon as got here to this world looking for assist from the JLA, however the narrative laws on the alternate Earth prevented a simple victory.

Lex Luthor (Kingdom Come)
This is a future model of the Earth-Zero Luthor, he attempted to achieve management of the planet by way of his Mankind Liberation Front. The organisation was a smoke display screen for a league of criminals and former tremendous-villains who wished to carry the brand new generation of meta-people under their control. His trump card was a brainwashed Captain Marvel, whom he used against Superman and the Justice League.

Lex Luthor (Pocket Universe)
Lex Luthor of the Pocket Universe – This Lex Luthor was also patterned after the Lex Luthor of Earth-Three. He was the scientist that unintentionally launched the Kryptonian criminals from the Phantom Zone, he also led the combat towards the criminals from his stronghold in Smallville. He created Supergirl and was in the end killed in the final battle on the Pocket Earth.

Lex Luthor II
Lex Luthor the second was an identification created by Luthor after he faked his own loss of life. He had a brand new body cloned and his brain transplanted into it. He then posed as his own son.

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