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Why Batman Is Fighting Superman In lana del rey official t shirts run ‘Batman V Superman’

Men's R2D2 Star War Custom Long Sleeve Tee ShirtOut of the various reveals clued viewers into an enormous query viewers may have about a film called “Batman v Superman”: Why are the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusader fighting

As we’ve famous before, this is the first time Bruce Wayne/Batman is meeting Superman, an alien from another planet. His first impression of Superman was at the end of “Man of Steel” when Supes and General Zod had been tearing Metropolis apart.

Superman didn’t notice it then, however Bruce Wayne was present to see the destruction first hand.
Warner Bros.You would imagine Wayne additionally wasn’t too happy, particularly because one in every of his buildings was demolished within the mayhem.

Due to that, Batman sees Superman as a possible menace to the world.
“At the tip of ‘Man of Steel’ Zod was fighting Superman. There was lasers ripping apart buildings and things have been blowing up,” mentioned Ben Affleck in the particular. Men’s Spider_Man Cotton Long Sleeve T Shirts “Bruce Wayne blames Superman.”

“You’ve got got to remember, that is the primary time Superman ever meets Batman,” DC Comics chief artistic officer Geoff Johns further explained. “Batman lana del rey official t shirts run is aware of Superman was involved with something that had fireplace come out of the sky [to] destroy Metropolis.”

Superman actor Henry Cavill said the Man of Steel also sees Batman as a vigilante, taking the law into his personal palms.

Warner Bros.
However, the rivalry goes a bit of additional than that.

One of the rumors going round is that billionaire Lex Luthor will in all probability assist pit the two heroes against one another, too, and it seems like that very properly stands out as the case.

Both Jesse Eisenberg, who performs the billionaire, and director Zack Snyder pretty much confirmed this throughout the television special.

“Lex feels competitive with Bruce Wayne. He’s realized everything about lana del rey official t shirts run him,” says Eisenberg. “Lex hates Superman, has learned all the things about him.”

It feels like Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is as much as no good in “Batman v Superman.” However, you’re probably not stunned.Warner Bros.

“[He’s] type of a puppet grasp, sort of controlling these two heroes forcing them into conflict,” stated Snyder.

Geoff Johns additionally hinted that Luthor turns into a “totally different form of adversary” for Batman and Superman. Perhaps we’ll get to see Luthor in that Kryptonite warrior go well with that’s been teased after all.