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Victor’s Bionic Enhancements Are Each Endo

Victor Stone is Smallville’s version of DC Comics character Cyborg. Cyborg first appeared in DC Comics Presents #26 (Oct. 1980) as a young man whose parents were experimenting with portals to completely different dimensions. A creature was released that killed his mother and badly injured Victor. Fashion Cotton Casual Cartoon Silver Surfer Children’s T-shirt His father rebuilt his son’s body with bionic components, but Victor harbored deep resentment for his father and left to kirby t shirt nintendo 45 affix the superhero group Teen Titans. Victor’s bionic enhancements are both endo- and exoskeletal, but his outward look in Smallville is normal. Nonetheless, Clark’s X-ray view of his metal skull plate is similar to what Cyborg’s head appears to be like kirby t shirt nintendo 45 like within the comics.

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