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“Max Fleischer’s Superman” DVD Talkback (Spoilers)

Max Fleischer’s Superman made from the unique masters!
Max Fleischer’s Superman
Studio: Warner Home Video
Launch Date: Aril 7th, 2009

Synopsis: The Superman animated cartoons, commonly recognized as the “Fleischer Superman Cartoons” have been a sequence of seventeen animated Technicolor short movies, which have green lantern t shirt amazon gift card been based upon the comic e-book character Superman. These groundbreaking theatrical shorts are the very first animated DC Comics Superman cartoons and the first cartoon entitled “Superman” to be nominated for an Academy Award® (Quick Movie – Animated). Every cartoon is brimming with action and particular effects, beautifully drawn and colored, braced with fabulous background paintings and dropped at life with sensible motion. These animated shorts are seen as a few of the finest, and positively probably the most lavishly budgeted, cartoons produced during the Golden Age of animation.

Bonus Content:
-“The Man, The parable Superman” Documentary
-“First Flight: The Fleischer Superman Sequence” Documentary
-First Have a look at Inexperienced Lantern: First Flight

This new Two-Disc DVD set contains the next shorts:
-Superman / Mad Scientist (September 26th, 1941)
-The Mechanical Monsters (November twenty eighth, 1941)
-Billion Greenback Restricted (January 9th, 1942)
-The Arctic Large (February 27th, 1942)
-The Bulleteers (March twenty seventh, 1942)
-The Magnetic Telescope (April 24th, 1942)
-Electric Earthquake (Could 15th, 1942)
-Volcano (July tenth, 1942)
-Terror on the Midway (August 28th, 1942)
-The Japoteurs (September 18th, 1942)
-Showdown (October 16th, 1942)
-The Eleventh Hour (November 20th, 1942)
-Destruction , Inc. (December twenty fifth, 1942)
-The Mummy Strikes (February nineteenth, 1943)
-Jungle Drums (March twenty fifth, 1943)
-Underground World (June 18th, 1943)
-Secret green lantern t shirt amazon gift card Agent (July thirtieth, 1943)

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