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Can Man Of Steel Exist In the dark Knight Universe

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Answer by Mark Hughes, screenwriter and Forbes blogger

No, the upcoming Superman movie Man of Steel can not exist in the Batman universe of the Nolan films.

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All the point of what Nolan wished to do was posit Batman in a world without any superheroes, without even superhero comedian books current, and where every part tries to be grounded in realism as much as doable.

And crucially, that world in the Batman movies was meant to be brought to an end, to shut it off in order that it is not in any danger of getting the underlying premises and themes undermined and erased by shoehorning in flying aliens who shoot lasers from their eyes whereas combating monsters in outer house.

Image Batman battling the Joker at the hours of darkness Knight for a moment. Assume about that Gotham Metropolis and Batman’s battle with ethical dilemmas and the questions of symbolism as a means of transcending the truth of our mortal selves. Suppose about Batman’s wrestle to overcome the contradictions inherent in his own vigilantism versus his goal of restoring the rule of regulation. Think about how he fights the drug dealing mobsters and will get mauled by the dog. How he feels himself changing into ineffective against organized crime as a result of they not worry him due to his rules. How he spends days trying to find the Joker after which battles his manner by means of a building for the ultimate showdown, solely to come back face to face with an impossible state of affairs involving a good friend and ally whose emotional and physical ache has turned him into an agent of evil, the place Batman should danger his own life to save grandmaster flash t shirt uk liverpool a kidnapped boy from being shot.

Then imagine that Batman goes off to punch alien monsters in space with assist from his flying laser-eyed alien pal and magic goddess empowered by Zeus.

Christopher Nolan has made it clear that he ended the “Nolanverse” for Batman. So that bat-world won’t be a part of the brand new DC Comics movie universe full of other superheroes. Instead, sure Man of Steel will probably be the primary in a new line of films that leads to a Justice League movie starring the new Superman from the rebooted franchise, plus a brand new rebooted Batman, and several other different superheroes. It’s potential that the studio would possibly’ve gone in and shoehorned a cameo by someone like Bruce Wayne/Batman into Man of Steel as properly, however that’s not confirmed and is only a rumor created due to misunderstanding about Nolan’s response to a series of questions that included some issues he simply can’t remark about one way or another.

The purpose is, no the grandmaster flash t shirt uk liverpool new Superman film can’t exist in the Nolan Batman universe. But it might and will exist in a new universe that features a new Batman and other superheroes, including the Justice League.

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