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The Happiest Emoticons

To begin off, I want a collection of emoticons associated with some textual content. And where else would I find this, however that gigantic compendium of on a regular basis emotions, the definitive corpus of this age – Twitter.
When you’d fairly read the code your self, it’s out there right here, however the methodology is this: I gather numerous tweets containing emoticons, assign each a ‘sentiment’ rating[1], after which order flash shirt roblox the emoticons based mostly on the typical sentiment rating of tweets containing every emoticon

Women's Print Princess Leia Chibi Short Sleeve T ShirtsThe tweet gathering course of is fairly direct. I parse tweets obtained from the streaming API[2] which contain any of a set of predefined emoticons and write them out to a file. If you wish to, have a look on the Python code here. For the aim of the R evaluation, the tweet texts are already in a file. Every line is then (a) parsed for the emoticons it comprises, and (b) assigned a sentiment score[three].

Lastly, we plot each tweet on an emoticon-score plot. Like so:
[Original image on imgur]

The tiny vertical black traces mark the mean score for each emoticon.
There is no such thing as a ordering flash shirt roblox to the color scale. The colours simply assist differentiate every row.

The entire data collection, analysis and plotting code may be discovered on this github repo
Okay, so here’s a list of observations and (partial) explanations for some surprises
1. o.O and :* rating increased than 🙂
I think the ubiquity of 🙂 is its bane. Individuals feel 🙂 for all types of causes. Also, the score for o.O is computed over a a lot smaller number of tweets, and is possibly unstable.
2. I can perceive people using 🙂 at sad stuff, but what kind of an individual makes use of 🙁 for comfortable tweets (There aren’t many of these, but a couple of them are too far proper.) Let’s take a look at a type of tweets:

Wow I used to be sleeping sooooo good which doesn’t happen fairly often & They referred to as from work & woke me up .. Now I can not go back to sleep 🙁

That makes sense. It is a tweet that turned bitter half approach through, however general, had a pretty high density of optimistic words, so it is no surprise that our scorer tagged it with a constructive rating
3. This is a tweet with a 8D in it:

Received to take a pic with heage ! Who has by far been probably the most fun, funny and candid lecturer(in my…http://t.co/WaOTW8D2YO

Discover something funny It is a contented tweet, but the emoticon we had been on the lookout for, is conspicuously absent! Truly, the 8D does occur in the tweet – albeit in a url http://t.co/WaOTW8D2YO

Thanks to Twitter’s computerized url compression using http://t.co/, it’s completely potential to see an arbitrary assortment of alphanumeric characters in a tweet with none semantic data. So be wary of the scores for stuff like 8D and xD.

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