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Original Superboy Conner Kent Returning To DC

Men's Cotton Black Panther Artwork Short Sleeve T-ShirtThe return of the original Superboy can be an issue, since that moniker has already been given to Superman’s son, Jonathan Kent. And up to now, the father-son dynamic of both the Kents and Bruce and Damian Wayne has been one of the pleasant surprises. As one half of the Tremendous Sons comedian sequence, it appears protected to assume that the title is Jonathan’s for the foreseeable future. However in case you assume that rules out the return of Conner Kent, Geoff Johns has made it perfectly clear that Kon-El’s return is a matter of when, not if.

Back when the DC Rebirth was just being promoted, Johns defined that the need to return to the classics, and re-set up the bonds broken by means of the new 52’s reinvention was embodied in Superboy. As a writer on the Teen Titans series, Johns had intense affection for the clone of Superman and Lex Luthor, trying to forge a path belonging to only himself. But in the new fifty two, the version flash gordon t shirt target korea of Kon-El being given to followers was unrecognizable to Johns. So as a lot sense as it made for Johns’s different beloved Teen Titan, Wally West to kick off the “Rebirth” as a whole, it’s been a matter of time until Johns set Superboy proper.

This panel in Motion Comics appears to signal that fans ought to count on a solution soon enough – constructing off of Barry Allen’s shock at ever having forgotten the youthful sidekick/buddy/son that the new fifty two forced out of existence. An analogous scene could also be coming for Clark and Conner… but who will Conner Kent return as, if not ‘Superboy’ That query alone will probably be sufficient for his fans to chew on till his inevitable rebirth, however the larger thriller will be the forces that removed him from the universe – and the way they’ll react when he rejoins his former friends and household.

As we mentioned above, it can be jumping the gun to assume that the erasure of the new fifty two continuity, and the return of classic DC continuity and timeline (due to Superman) is strictly an editorial determination. The world of “Rebirth” has been filled with thriller, deception, and looming, unseen threats from the start. So this twisting of reality might be the very factor that the shadowy, perhaps Watchmen-themed villain of the DCU was intending to prevent.

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