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Darkseid is an alien being from planet Apokolips. He was recognized for conquering and destroying different worlds. He is the father of the warrior Orion.

Darkseid returns to Earth.
Darkseid returned to Earth once more in the yr 2010. having been ready to escape his imprisonment when Clark Kent sent the Kandorians to New Krypton. Once on Earth Darkseid corrupted conservative radio present host Gordon Godfrey. Godfrey than started an anti-vigilantee marketing campaign. He then used Godfrey to own Clark, but failed.

Darkseid then recruited Godfrey as his third prophet to work with Granny Goodness and Desaad. Darkseid continued to spread his darkness and ultimately corrupted Slade Wilson, who turned the the man primary enforcer of the VRA. Darkseid then made an offer to Lionel Luthor, he would ressurect his son Lex, if Lionel bought his New Design 100% Cotton Printed On Helmet Stormtrooper Children’s T-shirt soul. Lionel refused.

Darkseid posseses Lionel.
Darkseid defeated

Darkseid then began his closing strike on Earth, by having his home planet of Apokolips hurtle toward it. Darkseid possesed Oliver, and made him assault Clark during his wedding ceremony to Lois. Clark was in a position to subdue and free Oliver from Darkseid’s control, causing Darkseid to hunt a new vessel. Darkseid as soon as once more confronted Lionel, who then agreed to sell his soul.

Utilizing Lionel’s physique as a vessel, Darkseid confronted Clark one remaining time, but misplaced after Clark mastered his potential of flight. Clark destroyed Lionel’s physique and banished Darkseid, after which saved Earth from Apokolips.

Possession: Whereas Darkseid can possess vessels that might be both dwelling or deceased, he can solely possess hosts that have darkness in their hearts that they can not management. Darkseid claimed that his vessels were still conscious when he had management over them. It was believed that this meant he may take possession of nearly every person on Earth, together with the complete inhabitants of heroes, given time.
Super strength: Darkseid possessed sufficient superhuman strength to snap handcuffs, toss Lois across a room, and pin Clark to a wall (although the precise magnitude of his power stays vague). He hoisted Clark by the throat with one hand excessive off the ground and tossed him into the air by the loft with no effort.
Telekinesis: Darkseid is a particularly highly effective telekinetic who could influence the motion of objects and other people.
Invulnerability: Darkseid’s true kind was virtually intangible, and was impervious to almost all forms of hurt, although the light of a pure heart can temporarily drive him away. By possessing a vessel, Darkseid somewhat will increase his host’s endurance, permitting him to withstand most injuries. As the darkness in all of the people on Earth grew, so did his invulnerability and power levels apparently.
Longevity: Darkseid has probably lived an especially long time frame, and even existed earlier than biblical occasions.
Corruption: Darkseid can corrupt the souls and minds of living beings, twisting or refining them into instruments for his own functions and needs, and those possessed by him are left stained and change into utterly loyal to him. People who get infected are sometimes known as “prophets.”
Empathy: While Darkseid can’t directly read the minds of others, he can see somebody’s innermost doubts/fears with a better view on a person’s darkness if someone offended appears. He additionally appears to be capable of finding “abandoned souls” and may inform if probably the most pure particular person has even a speckle of doubt in their heart

Bodily AppearenceEdit
Darkseid’s cloud type.

As a cloud he seems as a smoky black gas with darkish Ravens orbiting him. When possesing a human host, he appears deadpool unicorn shirt uk just as they do, but their eyes and pupils flip black.

Men's Print reverse flash render by mrvideo vidman Short Sleeve T ShirtsAs a humanoid determine, he appears as a tall stone-like being. There are cracks alongside his face and body, where purple gentle illuminates from. He also has crimson eyes and a form of helmet on his head.

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