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The greatest Endings In Superhero Movies

Following the success of Batman, Tim Burton returned to Gotham in 1992. Solely this time, issues were going to be weirder, darker, and sexier, and that was largely due to Michelle Pfeiffer as Selina Kyle, the bedraggled secretary who’s pushed out a window by her boss and licked back to life by cats before turning into the whip-cracking, deadpool shirt ftw qr code leather-clad feline queen of crime: Catwoman.

Over the course of this zany movie—which entails missile-packing penguins, killer clowns, and four-wheeled ducks—Catwoman joins up with a crackpot Cobblepot, falls in love with Bruce Wayne, and will get just a little sizzling and homicidal with Batman before confronting her old boss, the villainous Max Shreck (Christopher Walken). The white-haired psycho tries to bargain with the supervillain, but Catwoman would not want money, jewels, or a big ball of string. She needs revenge, and she’s keen to make use of all 9 lives to get it.

After taking several bullets to the body, Catwoman grabs a taser, finds an exposed cable, and moves in for an electric kiss, sending shockwaves up and down Shreck’s spine and destroying the Penguin’s lair in the deadpool shirt ftw qr code deadpool shirt ftw qr code process. Needless to say, Bruce Wayne is crushed after Catwoman’s “death,” but as he is driving house one wintry night, he spots a feline type slinking by way of an alleyway. Hopeful, he jumps out of the car, but solely finds a lone black cat lost at nighttime. Giving up hope he’ll ever see the femme fatale again, Batman drives off into the evening, accepting that he’ll always be alone.

And simply to confirm that Batman will at all times be Batman—vigilant, brooding, lonely—we watch as the Bat-signal hits the clouds, reminding us that Gotham will eternally need its tragic Darkish Knight. However then, like a Universal monster coming back from the grave, we watch as Catwoman pops up into the body, working on the following of her 9 lives and staring off on the highlight in the gap.

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