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Final evening at work I was going on about the brand new DCUC figures shown at Comedian Con yesterday and the topic turned to Blackest Night and the varied shade Corps and the emotions that power the respective rings. I went again to work and as I was fiddling with a brake cable I actually started to marvel about something… Now, I admit I don’t really follow comics any extra (burned myself out with a $70 every week habit years in the past) I simply decide up what I can in our boards and after i stumble across a narrative on the internet so this may occasionally have been coated within the books and i just missed hearing about it someplace along the way… What I’m wondering and should ask (and please forgive my super-quick, tremendous-sloppy picture manipulation) is “Why weren’t these three recruited for the Sinestro Corps …”

(If anybody desires to fix a better image for the weblog I’ll be comfortable to add it and provide you with credit score!)

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– bnjmnrlyr says:
July 25, 2009 at 7:24 am
Scarecrow was supplied a ring however Hal and John intervened and condemned the ring before he was ready to assert it and escape Arkham.

Harley is a little more of a clown menace then she is scary and hew use in the new GOtham Metropolis Sirens book with Catwoman and Ivy so I would assume that would keep her off the table.

I know the Joker subject has been broached (not in a book I don’t assume however in interviews not less than) and he is “off the table” until the Batman storyline resolves.

– Brainlock says:
July 25, 2009 at 7:Fifty five am
Where/when did Hal intervene with Scarecrow I remember seeing Batman’s rejected ring go to Crane, however never did see what happened after that. Was it in a Bat-e book (I don’t get these.)

If anything, I think Harley would have gotten a Sapphire ring, being rejected by Mistah J and all.
I feel Joker would have laughed it off if he had gotten one.

– Matt says:
July 25, 2009 at 9:00 am
The ring came to Crane in Green Lantern 27.
– Brainlock says:
August 2, 2009 at 12:22 pm
Matt: sure, I said I saw that happen, but what happened with Crane and the ring AFTER that

WHEN did Hal/John intervene like Ben mentioned

That might have been superior to see but it’s so hard for me to picture the Joker with a ring. I feel he’d be simply as possible to darkseid shirt dress show round and stab me with it haha. Now Bane or the Riddler I could see having a ring.

Give te Joker a yellow ring, and he’d almost certainly take his distinctive model of humor straight to Sinestro. I bet they’d attempt to kill him or take again his ring.

Give the Joker a yellow ring, and he’d almost certainly take his unique model of humor straight to Sinestro. I guess they’d attempt to kill him or take back his ring.

Harley doesn’t inspire concern, so she may never earn a yellow ring.
the scarecrow acquired a ring but received stopped though he can be excellent for the corps given he’s the grasp of worry. Harley quin is extra comedy relief so no yellow ring. joker some vilian in another story acknowledged that no one needs to work with the joker as a result of he is just too nuts plus the bat office little doubt had him off limits to use else the place as always

Thanks for the info, guys. I didn’t *really* assume Harley could earn a ring, simply thought it could be neat to see her costume in black and yellow so I included her because of that. 😉

Talking of the Sinestro Corps, can anybody tell me why Cyborg Superman isn’t yellow but crimson and black

– Batman says:
July 26, 2009 at eight:43 am
He was wearing that costume earlier than getting the ring. I suppose they determined to only add the emblem since they had only just given him a new look and possibly saw no need to vary it once more.