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Deathstroke VS Albert Wesker is Wolverine-Man’s Season 2 Premiere. It pits Deathstroke, who previously starred in Deadpool vs Deathstroke from DC Comics against Albert Wesker, who previously starred in Batman vs Albert Wesker, from Capcom’s Resident Evil.

Two normal people who soon turned these two regenerative villainous super soliders return to take on new threats: one another. Will Deathstroke win again, or will Albert Wesker show to him that he’s the one worthy one



PRESS Start!

(Player ONE CHOOSES Deathstroke.)
(Player TWO CHOOSES Albert Wesker.)

Alrighty! / Uh, one sec…

(Alrighty! selected.)

Umbrella Corporation, exterior
A helicopter landed exterior the Umbrella Corporation. A man in a black and orange suit and one eyehole exited the helicopter.

As the helicopter left, Deathstroke slowly approached the manufacturing facility, then kicked the door down. To his shock, all he saw was a dusty old manufacturing unit – complete with rusty machines and skeletons all around.

Umbrella Company, inside
Deathstroke slowly investigated the manufacturing unit, finding nothing of interest. Then he found another door with a light label on it. Without hesitation, Deathstroke kicked the door down.

What he noticed on the opposite facet was nothing wanting stunning. Inside, he noticed a high-functioning management room, with sophisticated equipment and computer systems around. However in the very center of all of it was Albert Wesker, sitting in a spinning chair.

Albert turned to face Deathstroke then grinned. “And what enterprise do you could have with me ”
Deathstroke slowly approached Albert as he produced a needed poster for the latter. “This is the business I have with you. You will be terminated.”

Albert chuckled for a number of seconds. “Let me inform you something. I am the only worthy one. I can’t be terminated any time quickly.”

“We’ll seen about that.” mentioned Deathstroke as he readied his Promethium sword. Albert Wesker pulled Samurai Edge out of its holster.

THIS OUGHTA BE A MATCH To remember! Struggle!
Albert fired three shots from Samurai Edge, and Deathstroke ducked and weaved round all three bullets without even getting touched. Deathstroke ran in and slashed Albert’s chest. Albert returned the cisco t shirts flash version favor by kicking the Terminator within the chest, sending him flying against a wall. Albert fired one other shot from Samurai Edge at Deathstroke, which he dodged just in time. Deathstroke ran at Albert to decapitate him together with his sword, however Albert ducked and threw a punch, which Deathstroke ducked under.

Deathstroke caught Albert off guard by impaling him along with his sword. Albert scowled at Deathstroke before headbutting him, forcing him to maneuver back and pull his sword out of Albert’s physique. Deathstroke tried to slash Albert, however Albert managed to keep away from being slashed. He then punched Deathstroke within the intestine, however the Terminator retaliated by uppercutting him.

Albert was despatched flying into the air, and then Deathstroke introduced his knee up, leading to Albert landing on it. Deathstroke stabbed a downed Albert within the again along with his sword, causing him to yell in agony. Deathstroke pulled his sword out of Albert’s again, then kicked him, making him roll onto his bleeding back. He attempted to complete him off by stabbing him in the face together with his sword, however Albert rolled out of the way simply in time. Albert shortly acquired up and narrowly dodged a swipe from Deathstroke’s sword. Albert fired another shot from Samurai Edge, however much to his dismay, Deathstroke dodged the bullet. Deathstroke headbutted Albert before stabbing him within the shoulder with his sword. An angry Albert punched Deathstroke within the chest, pulled his (Deathstroke’s) sword out of his shoulder and threw it away.

Earlier than Deathstroke may attack, Albert unleashed a flurry of punches toward the Terminator’s face. He then punched him in the stomach. Taking advantage of getting the upper hand, Albert then punched Deathstroke twice within the face, then kicked him within the chest so arduous he went flying towards the opposite facet of the room. When Deathstroke hit the wall, Albert walked as much as him. Samurai Edge prepared.

“What did I tell you I am a God. Gods can’t be terminated.”
Albert pulled the trigger of his gun, but instantly Deathstroke rolled out of the option to dodge the bullet. He then caught him off guard by kicking him in the face. Albert started to punch Deathstroke with an unrelenting barrage. Deathstroke narrowly dodged Albert’s last cisco t shirts flash version punch, a lot to the latter’s dismay. Deathstroke then punched Albert in the stomach with sufficient force to knock him down. Deathstroke stepped away from his opponent earlier than pulling out his energy lance. Just as Albert received up, Deathstroke shot a laser out of the lance, piercing by means of Albert’s left shoulder, incomes a pained “Ah!” from him.

Deathstroke then pulled out his twin machine guns and fired them, but Albert dodged all the bullets till Deathstroke ran out of ammo. Deathstroke cursed. “Damnit!” “Perfect!” Albert mentioned with a smile. He then abruptly punched Deathstroke in the face, causing him to drop his machine guns. He punched him a number of extra instances before grabbing Deathstroke by the shoulders and throwing him over his head, slamming him into the bottom. Albert then grabbed Deathstroke by his neck, holding him above the ground. He attempted to end the struggle by punching through Deathstroke’s chest, but the Terminator prevented that from occurring by grabbing his fist. He then swung his leg again and kicked Albert in the scrotum, forcing him to drop his opponent. As Albert dropped to his knees and covered his crotch, Deathstroke shortly picked up his sword and sliced at Albert’s neck.

Blood sprayed out of Albert’s neck and onto Deathstroke as a result. Albert coated his wound with his fingers, however Deathstroke sliced right via them with his sword. He then stabbed Albert by way of the chest earlier than slicing it vertically through his torso… after which slicing it off of the decrease half of Albert’s body. Albert’s corpse collapsed. Albert had been defeated.

Deathstroke stared down at Albert’s physique. “Some God you might be.” And with those phrases, Deathstroke left, leaving Albert’s physique behind.