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One Stands Above All of them

Some villains want to extend their financial standings. Some need to finest their enemy in battle. Others wish to take over a country and a few even need to rule the planet. One stands above all of them. One whose ambition extends past merely conquering the world. One that does not wish to rule humanity—but all of existence. He’s Darkseid, and in relation to villains within the DC Universe, it doesn’t get any greater or badder than him.

The ruling dictator of the world childrens robin t shirt with cape 89 of Apokolips, Darkseid operates on a scale that terrifyingly dwarfs those of the world’s greatest heroes. Women’s Spider Gwen Amazing Print Long Sleeve Tee Shirt He commands a legion of powerful creatures generally childrens robin t shirt with cape 89 known as Parademons and his courtroom consists of a few of essentially the most depraved, sadistic and frighteningly highly effective beings in the universe. Darkseid’s near limitless would possibly is matched by his immeasurable intelligence, and whereas childrens robin t shirt with cape 89 he generally prefers to control and management others to succeed in his objectives, he is able to single-handedly stand toe-to-toe against the entirety of the Justice League.

Darkseid seeks to enslave all life in the universe, reshape existence in his picture and exert ultimate management. His need is to get rid of free will and control everybody in order that they bow beneath his toes and do whatever he says, and he definitely has the means to do it. His extraordinary bodily power, intelligence, godlike powers and military of Parademons make him not only a menace to our world and its heroes, but to each world within attain. Darth_Vader He’s no lower than the only most dangerous villain in the universe.