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Jason Momoa Teases Justice League Watchtower

Behold, the mighty Khal Drogo! Wait, Khal Drogo is going to be within the Justice League movie That’s just loopy! There has never been a Dothraki within the Justice League as far as I know however that does set-up an attention-grabbing Elseworlds story. Any-who, Aquaman actor Jason Momoa has teased an look of the well-known Watchtower. What Watchtower you might ask How in regards to the headquarters of the Justice League! Yeah, now you realize what I’m talking about. The below video highlights the previous Recreation of Thrones working out…with the caption, ‘Getting ready for the castle. best friend batman and robin shirts Watchtower’. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it

As you’ll be able to see, there isn’t much beyond that caption and i doubt those concrete blocks are a part of the Watchtower, however could the actor be teasing that we’ll see the orbital headquarters of the Justice League They’re in all probability in a position to afford an orbital area station in any case best friend batman and robin shirts of those Youtube hits from Men’s Blue Beetle and Booster Gold Custom Long Sleeve T Shirts Eisenlex’s channel. Joking apart, it can be spectacular to see the best friend batman and robin shirts home base of some of our favorite characters in Justice League, which will be directed by Zack Snyder of Batman V Superman fame.

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