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The Return Of Black Adam”

Billy Batson: Holy moley! Is that this all for me, Mr. Kent
Men's Cotton Avengers Coulson Short Sleeve Tops TeesClark Kent: Because you ate two breakfasts yesterday, I assumed I might higher order you three in the present day!

Black Adam: You battle for the Wizard
Superman: I battle for individuals who cannot battle for themselves!

Black Adam: Indeed, you are my physical match. However I sense one vital difference: a vulnerability to magic.

[hurls lightning at Superman]
Superman: [blasts Black Adam] Another distinction: heat imaginative and prescient.

Shazam: I was hoping this second could wait until you have been a bit older. Alas, the risk is upon us now, Billy Batson.

Billy Batson: You realize my identify
Shazam: Oh, I do know many things. For I’m the Wizard, Shazam!

[at the sound of his identify, lightning and thunder happens]
100% Cotton Superboy in flight colored Short Sleeve Custom Casual Children’s T-shirtBilly Batson: Whoa!

Black Adam: I did not spend 5,000 years traveling across the infinite void of space to be thwarted by some man-little one.

Superman: Will a superman do, then
Superman: So you are what this is all about.

Captain Marvel: I am his alternative.
Superman: Then let’s change him.

Superman: Simple there. You have bought him.
Black Adam: It adjustments you, does it not The facility.

Captain Marvel: [holding Adam in an iron grip] It solely adjustments that I can choose my very own fate now.
Black Adam: Like a god, perhaps.

Superman: That’s sufficient!
Captain Marvel: No, I have to. To protect them.

Superman: How By being like him
Captain Marvel: By being stronger than him.

Superman: Then be robust… be good.
[Captain batman vs superman shirt amazon Marvel releases Black Adam]

Black Adam: This is not over, then. Solely dying will stop me.
Mister Tawky Tawny: You are forgetting possibility number two: banishment. I’ll take it from right here, captain.

Black Adam: Tawny.
Captain Marvel: You realize the homeless man

Black Adam: Nonetheless the Wizard’s lackey, I see.
Mister Tawky Tawny: [turns into a tiger] Lackey, child’s guardian angel, superhero talent scout. Guess I do a bit of every little thing. So I was pondering this time, the Wizard could send you so far across the universe it’ll take you 10,000 years to get again.

Black Adam: No, not once more!
Mister Tawky Tawny: Oh, you higher consider it.

Black Adam: SHAZAM!
[turns to dust]

Billy Batson: “Be good, and good will batman vs superman shirt amazon comply with.” That is what my mother and father all the time used to tell me. However you understand, Mr Kent, I used to be good before they had been taken from me, I was good at the foster house, and I was good about fifteen minutes ago! I’m starting to think being good isn’t good for me…

Clark Kent: It appears that evidently method typically, does not it However that’s why good is difficult. Dangerous is all the time straightforward.

[Superman saves Billy from Black Adam]
Billy Batson: Why is he after me

Superman: I used to be gonna ask you an identical query!
Black Adam: [to a cowering Billy] Amusing. The Wizard finally gave you your powers… however neglected to indicate you the way they worked!

Billy Batson: Need slightly assist here, Shazam!
[gets hit with lightning]

Captain Marvel: Holy moley! I’m big!
[Black Adam prices, but he blocks the blow and sends Adam into the subsequent block with an uppercut]

Captain Marvel: Whoa! I am sturdy!
[Adam throws a barrage of autos at Marvel, however he dodges every of them]

Captain Marvel: I’m fast!
[Adam hurls a truck at Adam, but Marvel soars and spears him]

Captain Marvel: And that i can fly!
[Shazam’s cavern starts to crumble]

Billy Batson: We need to get out of right here!
Shazam: In instances of need, merely name my name… But that is my destiny. Go now, dwell yours.

Superman: [after seeing Capt Marvel’s tiger] You could have some unusual associates.
Black Adam: [grabs a woman from her car] Is this who I used to be to guard Why, because they are weak

Black Adam: When you crush an ant beneath your foot, do feel remorse No. Is that this because you might be evil or because you acknowledge your self as the next form of life This is what the Wizard could not perceive. If I’ve the powers of the gods, then I’m not a god myself Ought to I not be handled as such

Captain Marvel: Put her down!
Black Adam: You wish to be a protector Then protect the soul. Revert to your mortal type and I will show a benevolent deity.

Captain Marvel: And then you’ll just kill me.
Black Adam: I will.

Captain Marvel: Shazam.
[turns into Billy]

Billy Batson: Now put her down.
Black Adam: See Like an ant.

[Black Adam throws lady into the sky]
Billy Batson: No! Shaz…

Black Adam: [covers Billy’s mouth] Your final breath wasted on the incorrect phrase.
Clark Kent: What’s that on your face

Billy Batson: [bruises on his cheek] Eh, it’s what you get for attempting to do good. Ought to’ve simply saved my mouth shut.

Black Adam: [to Billy] I used to be not anticipating a toddler. But you’re marked by the Wizard’s power, chosen to in the future inherit the mantle of power.

Billy Batson: I-I do not understand. What do you want from me