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Max Fleischer Presents Popeye The Sailor

Here’s one: Are you able to join Popeye the Sailor with Citizen Kane utilizing only one degree of separation It’s simpler than it sounds. Popeye was first created by cartoonist E.C. Segar as a sketch character to seem in the funny pages of the new York Journal. Segar’s “Thimble Theatre” strip and the brand new York Journal have been owned by media baron William Randolph Hearst’s King Options Syndicate and, as most film culturists might tell you, Hearst’s unscrupulous enterprise practices made him the inspiration for Orson Welles’ Charles Foster Kane.

The character of Popeye was originally launched as a supporting character to Thimble Theatre’s mainstays like Harold Hamgravy and Castor Oil (brother to Olive Oil) however after his first appearance in 1929 Popeye shortly turned the strip’s major focus. Olive Oyl has been the sweetheart of Harold Hamgravy for a decade price of comics, however when that spinach-consuming sailor showed up he ended up stealing away Harold’s particular lady as nicely because the starring function within the weekly strip. E.C. Segar died of leukemia 1938 on the age of 43 and although his life was brief, the cartoonist lived simply lengthy sufficient to see his unlikely creation eclipse the popularity of Mickey Mouse and become top-of-the-line loved comedy stars of 1930s.

In late 1932, Hearst’s King Options Syndicate inked a deal with the animation firm Fleischer Studios to create a sequence of theatrically exhibited animated shorts starring Popeye the Sailor and different characters from Segar’s comic strip. The Fleischer brothers had a confirmed track file of success in the cartoon enterprise. After leaving the Bray Studio, Max and Dave Fleischer were responsible for fashionable animated characters like Koko the Clown and Betty Boop. The Fleischers decided to make use of the recognition of Betty Boop to assist launch batman t shirt jcpenney the brand new series by having her appear as a hula woman in the primary Popeye cartoon, Popeye The Sailor (1933). For only the primary cartoon, Betty Boop’s title seems above Max Fleischer’s in the opening credits. This was a advertising and marketing tactic that had already been utilized on the Disney Studio, by having all cartoons begin with the phrase “Mickey Mouse Presents” even when Mickey didn’t truly make an look.

That first cartoon (directed by Dave Fleischer and animated by Seymour Kneitel and Ronald Crandall) introduces various conventions and units that will continue for use for many years, including Popeye’s well-known theme song as nicely because the soon-to-be ubiquitous recue of Olive Oyl from the antagonistic Bluto. Though Olive Oyl is usually remembered as the stereotypical damsel in distress, the Fleischer cartoons additionally play towards this expectation by having the slender and feminine character instantly change into a scrappy brawler on the drop of a hat. At the top of I Yam What I Yam (1933), Olive Oil single-handedly fights off a band of culturally insensitive Injuns and in Blow Me Down (1933) Popeye arrives to rescue her only to discover his sweetheart bashing Bluto with a picket membership.

The visually type of the early Popeye cartoons are pure Fleischer. Topics are drawn with heavy batman t shirt jcpenney black strains that make them seem to pop in opposition to the static backgrounds. The animated components seem so energetic that, even when they’re imagined to be standing nonetheless, the characters gently bounce in place in time with the music. A lot of the humor in Popeye cartoons is expounded via over-the-high violent action, which is a significant distinction from contemporary Disney animation and a stylistic shift that might quickly influence the cartoons made by Warner Brothers and other studios. The hyperbolic action additionally makes great use of the animated medium, exhibiting audiences visually-spectacular stunts that might have been unattainable to do in dwell-action pictures.

On this planet of comics and cartoons, there are some that see Popeye as the first prototype within the quickly approaching age of superheroes. In the primary three Popeye cartoons batman t shirt jcpenney we see the sailor punch out a locomotive, physically transfer a mountain and fail to note when a bullet ricochets off the back of his skull. In all these situations, the herculean feats are supposed as a comical escalation of the sailor’s powerful man persona. Though Popeye’s super-strength was intended to illicit laughs, the excessive reputation of the Fleischer cartoons little question helped create the public appetite for illustrated energy fantasies about characters with godlike strength. Less than a decade after the first Popeye cartoon, the quintessential comicbook superhero Superman would develop into another main success for Fleischer Studios. As was the case with Popeye earlier than him, it was the beautifully animated Fleischer cartoons which were pivotal in propelling Superman into the pantheon of Twentieth Century pop tradition.

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