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The great Aquaman Debate

Women's Miss Marvel and Captain America Desgin Long Sleeve T ShirtsSo I just lately read Brave and the Bold #32. This issues stars a workforce-up between Aquaman and The Demon (Etrigan). Overall a great concern nice artwork and good story, choose it up for a good strong standalone situation. However while studying an Aquaman tale I used to be reminded of a quite common dialog and topic among the comicbook circle elites. And that’s Aquaman bashing along side the way to finally make Aquaman a cool some would possibly argue “useful” character of the DCU.
Now some might take offense and say that Aquaman is just effective the best way he’s, and get off his again cause he can talk to fish and also you can’t. For so long as I have been a fan and collector of our wonderful interest comicbooks, I can remember this conversation of learn how to make Aquaman cool. Actually I feel it is probably the most missed extra deeper philosophical conversations and debates to have occurred in the 20th century. We’ve all had this dialog at one point or one other among batgirl t shirt plus size 2017 our comicbook brethren. So….right here is my 2 cents into the debate for what they’re worth.
Now batgirl t shirt plus size 2017 to be trustworthy I am not an enormous Aquaman fan and have read some modern and silver age stories involving Arthur Curry, King of Atlantis. I don’t know his character historical past detail by way of and by way of as I would say Inexperienced Lantern or others. But I know the basics from being a very long time DCU reader.
First after all there was our original Super Mates Aquaman whom most people know and image when thinking of Aquaman. Talks to fish, swims, always smiles for some reason, and King of Atlantis. Also Aqualad and sizzling redheaded wife Mera.
Then for some motive within the 80’s after Crisis on Infinite Earths he ran round in a sea-camo swimsuit. I don’t know I by no means learn this short-lived collection. But Since it was brief-lived I guess it didn’t make such an enormous splash with readers. (Pun intended).
Thereafter in the 1990’s we see the scruffy harpoon hand Aquaman. Some piranha ate his hand and he can no longer discuss to sea creatures presently. DC left the clean-reduce all American look of Aquaman here, and traded him in for what jogs my memory of the scruffy angry homeless guy that yells at himself or inanimate objects out within the streets. I suppose they felt we needed a crazy powerful Aquaman with a spear hand, to love this character extra. But note this was the picture taken in by many for years with Grant Morrison‘s run on JLA, and with the introduction of the JLU cartoon, and merchandising franchise.
After that there was a lady of the lake story line which gave him some kind of mystical water hand in place of the enormous harpoon hand. Not sure what mystical powers had been involved, however needless to say we currently don’t have any month-to-month Aquaman title in publication.

Our recent incarnation of Aquaman has been within the Blackest Night storyline where King Arthur comes back as a black lantern. This was fairly awesome and i loved it very much, however we can’t have a hero be a zombie dangerous-guy for too lengthy. We may have to wait and see what role Aquaman and Mera play in the presently working Brightest Day.
Had I the magic wand, in an effort to elevate the Aquaman Character, I would give him power and control over all water. Not just the oceans. This to me would make Aquaman a powerhouse that might rival some of the larger and badder heroes.

I liken this power to the X-Men’s long operating mutant character Magneto, “Master of Magnetism”. I imply nearly everything on the market accommodates water, be it in massive amounts such because the human physique (eighty% water) to plants, animals and so on. Even on a regular basis inanimate merchandise have water in them be it at the molecular stage. Our automobiles, meals, chemicals, have water in them. Just imagine what a being with the mastery over all water in all its varieties might do. Imagine what he may do to a human body. Aquaman were he so inclined might cause such similar damage as Magneto did to Wolverine when he pulled out all of the adamantium metallic from his skeleton. Grotesque, and that i would not need to be the individual with all of the water being sucked out from all of his or her pores by a pissed off Aquaman. To me this may give the previous King of Atlantis some god like powers. Make fro some memorable story lines, moments, and get us thinking twice in regards to the character of Aquaman.
Tell us your opinion and ideas to make Aquaman a cooler maybe extra accepted character.