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DC New 52 Review: Superboy #1

This challenge presents two issues I don’t have any small amount of 90s nostalgia for: Superboy and Scott Lobdell.

Superboy has been by several incarnations, however the one I’ve all the time loved was the 90s Reign of Supermen version, which was important an try and regrow Superman in a lab in case of catastrophe – or, you already know, if they only wanted a spare. The consequence was a James Dean version of Supes, full with dangerous perspective and leather jacket.

Scott Lobdell inherited the crumpled mess of X-Men left behind by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee leaping ship from Marvel’s flagship book in fast succession. He not solely straightened issues out, but started a brand new period of X-mythology that really fielded some decent mysteries till editorial interference strangled the life from his plots.

I don’t know that the 2 necessarily go together, but I’m fond of them each individually, so I don’t see why they shouldn’t combine for a likeable comic sequence.

Superboy #1
Written by Scott Lobdell, artwork by R.B. Silva & Rob Lean

Ranking: 2.5 of 5 – avengers t shirts amazon Okay
In a Line: “They name me Superboy. I have no idea why.”

#140char Assessment: Superboy #1, origin of a tank-grown boy & his keepers. Ends w/the beginning of his 1st mission. Decent, however a bit rote; rubbery art doesn’t assist

CK Says: Consider it.
Scott Lobdell effectively reestablishes Superboy’s origin and finds a spare set of heartstrings to pluck along the best way. He hews close to the Reign of Supermen origin of Superboy, who’s grown from a avengers t shirts amazon genetic sample of Superman in a tank (a la Neo, in a transparent artistic homage to the Matrix).

Yet, Superboy isn’t a straight-forward clone of Superman, and he isn’t as plugged in as his keepers think. The result is that he is incessantly the one conducting a social experiment on his assured captors. Despite his huge intelligence, he is aware of nothing of human companionship – even when he’s freed from his tank nobody takes the time to handle Women’s h harley quinn Custom Long Sleeve T-Shirt him immediately. He is a thing, and maybe a weapon.

The interior art is an improvement over the awkward cover, but it’s Daredevil not tremendous. Faces have a sure handsome, rubbery sameness to them, like a set of contemporary scrubbed Sims loaded up for a brand new recreation. Fortunately, it’s only Superboy and his bespectacled crimson-headed keeper it’s important to recall (although silver-maned and morally ambiguous Rose could also be extra interesting than either).

The top result is a serviceable reintroduction that places Superboy into place to both lead or battle the Teen Titans (I can’t tell which) in his first publicity to the skin world … which doesn’t appear so smart. Lobdell is an outdated pro at turning in these “get from level A to level B” stories, however I’d slightly see him unleash the talky battles and fixed dropping of hints I beloved him for within the 90s on X-Males. Hopefully he has something much less rote in retailer for upcoming issues.