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Who Would Have The Coolest Film

Marvel has been slowly regaining the film rights to its characters ever since promoting a load of them off within the ’90s, and Namor the Sub-Mariner is the latest to return to the fold.

And any point out of Marvel’s king of Atlantis inevitably leads to DC’s king of Atlantis, Aquaman, who might be receiving his own solo movie in 2018. Each are half-human rulers of the sea with an uneasy relationship to both the land and underwater worlds. Both are among the many oldest characters in their publishers’ stables. Each look a bit hokey.

We should admit to a delicate spot for each of them, however who do we actually wish to see twirling their tridents across the large display It is Namor vs Aquaman, and just one can win.

Who’s got the higher profile
Aquaman is, if not a household identify, not less than someone who non-comics readers have heard of. You could not fairly be judged for not knowing who Namor is – although we’re sure a couple of Marvel followers would give it a go.

However ‘increased’ profile would not all the time imply ‘higher’. Regardless of DC’s repeat, concerted efforts to make Aquaman cool, he continues to be a ariel atom shirt uk byword for ‘lame’ – normally accompanied by complaints of him being a man who talks to fish. This judgement may be unfair, however it’s still there, and meanwhile Namor is ariel atom shirt uk generally common among the few who know that he exists at all.

Who’s the unique
Aquaman ariel atom shirt uk is likely to be better known of the two, however he was created in 1941’s Extra Enjoyable Comics #seventy three, two years after Namor first menaced the ‘surface world’ in 1939’s Motion Image Funnies Weekly #1.

Winner: Namor
Who has the perfect look

Let’s face it, neither character is particularly known for his or her sharp type. Regardless of a latest Tumblr movement round ‘sexy Namor’, his look tends to fall into two categories: pants and nothing else, or this pores and skin-tight collared thing. And don’t even ask us to explain the pointed ears and wings on his ankles.

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